Mumbai’s 2.5 million school going children can dream to become authors

In a first of its kind initiative, Crossword Bookstores has conceptualised a program “I Want to Be an Author”  Students across Mumbai’s schools will be encouraged to submit their short stories. The maximum possible number of stories, written by the children, will be shortlisted and published in a book format by The Write Place ( the publishing arm of Crossword Bookstores) and retailed through Crossword Bookstores across 33 cities in the … Continue reading Mumbai’s 2.5 million school going children can dream to become authors

Attention Everyone : It’s your time to support me! :)

Greetings from Paint The World With Words! So as most of you know, I’ve participated in a Short Literary Work Contest and it needs FB (Facebook) votes to win. It is time now to vote! I’m really excited about it. A little nervous too! How to vote: Login to FaceBook Open a new tab and paste this link: My entry is named: amreens44  There will be a text … Continue reading Attention Everyone : It’s your time to support me! 🙂

TinyOwl Food Diaries!

This post won the ‘TinyOwl Campaign’ hosted by Indiblogger Delicious, rich and tasty food confines within a bowl for a scrumptious and flavorful dish of appetite’s a delightful thought for the soul. Do you like it? I’m sure, you would! You see, I can write great verses on Food, experiment with vivid cuisines every weekend, review the aroma and taste of various lip-smacking dishes. Basically, I can … Continue reading TinyOwl Food Diaries!

The alchemy of Music :)

Last week, I was completely busy with ideas for working on the new campaign on my blog. Many a bloggers are aware of #The100DeedsOfChange Campaign which I will be starting in early August, this year, with the idea of creating a change and helping in making this world a better place. This would be a long event for sure, as it would feature 100 bloggers, … Continue reading The alchemy of Music 🙂

#ShareTheLoad at home!

“Love is comforting her when the world seems to weigh on her shoulders.” Yes! #ShareTheLoad at home because it is an expression of love. When you contribute to the burden at home, you help to ease the worries and responsibilities, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere around. When there is equality at home, the word ‘burden’ automatically disappears. I believe that a house where responsibilities are … Continue reading #ShareTheLoad at home!