The alchemy of Music :)

Last week, I was completely busy with ideas for working on the new campaign on my blog. Many a bloggers are aware of #The100DeedsOfChange Campaign which I will be starting in early August, this year, with the idea of creating a change and helping in making this world a better place. This would be a long event for sure, as it would feature 100 bloggers, where every fortnight, I will feature a blogger and their work on the blog and how they brought about a change in their life and people around them. I really wish this event to be a success and motivate many bloggers and also witness the positive things it would be bring along.

So, this would really require work and actually, a lot of it! I also thought of awarding each blogger with a badge to flaunt on their blogs and showcase their association with this blog. I feel every work must be noticed and appreciated. And for that, I was rather confused to conclude on one design for it, and after a few hours of approvals and dislikes, I finalized on a design and it was liked my readers, Then, I was writing a few posts with ideas to share with the readers, providing tips and ways to make a change. This needed a lot of research and I indeed wanted to give my best to the readers and wanted to inspire them and their thoughts, so they could indeed urge for a change.

The entire process was really exhausting and I felt down and drained. I too, wanted a motivation to write and think of different add-ons for my blog. But, I was in a moment where my mind was restless and my soul was wanting for that perfect refreshment to bring my freshness back. This reflected in my work and I almost gave it a halt.

Then, the next day, my cousins messaged me about an entertainment event which was going to take place in our college the next day. I decided to go along with them and give myself a break. I took a right decision.

We were in the college and the event started already. There were a lot of my friends already present there and they were enjoying the performances. I must admit, it was an amazing concert for sure. The concert was performed by the amazing Anushka Manchanda and the sensational Allu Arjun. They both rocked the stage and the music was seriously appealing and exhilarating. I felt lost in a moment of euphoria and excitement. The entire experience was truly beautiful and when I returned home, I was no more a restless person, but a rejuvenated soul.

I feel that taking a break from work only makes you perform better and helps in creation of new ideas and thoughts.

I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at Are you?

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