My #MaxFreshMove Moment :)

10th June, last year, was one of the worst days of my life. I was completely in despair and depressed. I had my entrance exam results and unexpectedly, I scored way low marks, to secure a seat in any good university in Mumbai. That moment was no less than a wave of sadness and despair. And I was completely devastated to even face my parents about it. But, they were supportive.

They were of the opinion that I may get an entry in a college at least in the outskirts of the city and that I must consider not wasting another year behind a repetitive attempt of the entrance exams, as anyway, the post graduation would end within 2 years time and travelling for long hours, for 2 years is not an issue.

They were continuously pacifying me. Their words did ease my worries for a while, but then, the good scores of my friends and their aim to be in elite colleges within the city itself, put me in a lasting sadness. It wasn’t that I was upset of their good marks, but, I felt alone and left out. I was wondering about how would I travel alone and how alone I would be there and had no friends to accompany me in my post graduation years.

The entire day was like one sad moment for me. I had no mood to eat or even talk to anyone. My attitude was affecting everyone in the house and they were trying to light up my dull mood in various ways, but to no avail. It was because sadness took over me and nothing seemed to rescue me from it.

Then in the evening, my mom took me in the living room and switched on the TV. She told me to sit with her for some time and watch the TV with her. I was not in the mood, but just for her sake, I gave in. She was surfing a few entertainment channels and then halted on one music channel, where they were featuring a concert show, performed by Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun. For some time, I was completely uninterested, but later, when their performances started, my eyes were kind of glued to the screen. I have always liked Anushka’s voice, it is fresh, crisp and groovy. I feel anyone would want to dance or groove to her tunes. She is just awesomely fantastic. And on top of that, Allu Arjun is a sensational dancer and his moves are no less than living freshness.

The entire concert was appealing and max fresh. I was completely convinced by the entire show and in no time, was refreshed, rejuvenated and delighted. It was like, I removed the cloak of dullness from my life and splashed into the waves of freshness. Those moments were utterly refreshing. I repeated her tunes and gradually was grooving to their words and performance. My mom joined me too and we had some great time. She was finally happy to see me smile and laugh and dance.

And then that night, those gloomy moments looked small and of less importance to me and realized that I was making a fuss of nothing. I even said sorry to my parents for being so unrealistic and childish. That day, I realized that we need to go with the flow sometimes, because they can indeed make us get out better and brighter. And also the fact that music can really uplift anyone’s mood 🙂

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