#The100DeedsOfChangeDrive Badge Reveal!


It is a wonderful evening, while I update everyone about the badge for #The100DeedsOfChangeDrive. I have been quite busy, since I posted about a badge being awarded to everyone who participates in the Campaign. Today, I am completely done with the design of it and decided to reveal the badge to everyone. I hope everyone is excited the way I am!

The thought of this Campaign was in my mind since a long time, but finally, I feel, is the right time to bring it alive and make it happen. The entire Campaign will be a long journey of showcasing people from around the world, defining their ways of making a change, creatively, through their blog posts. I am thoroughly excited to live that experience and really see, a many smiles, which will take place in days to come.

For now, let’s bask in the glory of the brand new “#The100DeedsOfChangeDrive” badge and people, do let me know how you all like it! Every participant will be awarded a customized badge to flaunt on their blogs and tell the world about the good deeds they have done 🙂

© Amreen Shaikh
© Amreen Shaikh

I hope you all like the badge!

Till then, keep blogging for good 🙂

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