#The100DeedsOfChangeDrive Badge Reveal!

Greetings! It is a wonderful evening, while I update everyone about the badge for #The100DeedsOfChangeDrive. I have been quite busy, since I posted about a badge being awarded to everyone who participates in the Campaign. Today, I am completely done with the design of it and decided to reveal the badge to everyone. I hope everyone is excited the way I am! The thought of … Continue reading #The100DeedsOfChangeDrive Badge Reveal!

The 100 Deeds of Change- Commencement!

June 5th is celebrated every year as World Environment day and I take this event as an opportunity to commence my “#The100DeedsOfChangeDrive” A popular proverb goes as “Charity begins at home” and I agree with it and feel that if you wish to start anything good and want to bring about a change, you must begin it with yourself. It is not necessary to indulge … Continue reading The 100 Deeds of Change- Commencement!