The 100 Deeds of Change- Commencement!

June 5th is celebrated every year as World Environment day and I take this event as an opportunity to commence my “#The100DeedsOfChangeDrive

A popular proverb goes as “Charity begins at home” and I agree with it and feel that if you wish to start anything good and want to bring about a change, you must begin it with yourself. It is not necessary to indulge in bigger activities, but even small and minute change can only signal a vast difference, because it is with these small steps, that we bring a big change and in fact, a strong one.

As I said, every week, I may post one thing, which I imbibed in me and in some way, brought about a change.

This week, on the occasion of World Environment Day, I-

  • planted a new sapling in my balcony
  • pledged to use as much less electricity I can, while at home
  • created a few hand lettering posters and shared them with my family and friends, to spread the message of going green.

I feel great on bringing this initiative into action and wish to know what you did on the occasion of this beautiful day!

Important Note!

  • I plan to accept a few volunteers for this initiative, who will be members of the #The100DeedsOfChangeDrive and help in spreading the message of this activity, so many of them connect with us and make this activity, a successful one!
  • As mentioned earlier, there will be members & guest writers for this activity, where, members will help in spreading the message and try to get as many guest writers & photographers for this initiative.
  • Members will be assigned a badge to showcase their alliance to this initiative.
  • Guest writers will be published on my site, every week and will be assigned a badge for the same.
  • When 100 deeds are done, an e-book of the initiative will be published and shared with the world!


For people, who wish to be a member, please contact me by filling in the below form:

For people, who wish to guest post for this column, can mail me with your Deed of Change (Click photos if necessary) and mail me on, with the subject line – “Guest Post for #The100DeedsOfChangeDrive”

I will keep everyone updated about the badges and the design of this column soon!

I wish to see a good response for this! 🙂




17 thoughts on “The 100 Deeds of Change- Commencement!

  1. You just did what I dreamed 🙂 Yesterday I was imagining how I must set my home when I build one. I was visualizing leaving 1/4th of the total land for plants and build with the rest of the space, no matter what the size of the land is.

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  2. This is a worthwhile activity. I do my best daily to be kind daily. I believe if all of us slow down and lead with kindness, concern and love. Would be a better world.


    1. True indeed! I too feel that having humanity within us, at the least can bring us content and a long lasting honor. You can read the first ever guest post in the section on the blog by Mr. Richard here >>

      And if you wish to be a part, follow the submission guidelines here >>

      Have a nice day 🙂

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