Godrej Security Solutions urges women to take charge of their security

Godrej Security Solutions, India’s leading security solutions provider, kick started a multi-city consumer awareness program and campaign #IAmSecure. The objective of this campaign, the first leg of which was held today in Mumbai at Godrej One, is to create awareness among women to be more proactive and take charge of their own security, educate them about the various solutions and also educate them about the … Continue reading Godrej Security Solutions urges women to take charge of their security


Influencer.in – A Bloggers new Best Friend.

Through my blog, I am open to learning new things, encountering new opportunities and evolving into being a better influencer, friend, & follower to a many readers who gain our trust trough their honest reviews. Over the years, I have collaborated with a many Influencer agencies to help brands share and spread their word and ideas. It feels great to help a brand grow their … Continue reading Influencer.in – A Bloggers new Best Friend.

My #BNLF Experience!

A blogger is incomplete without #BNLF And I mean it! There are a host of blogging communities out there, trying to give us bloggers an opportunity to rise and shine, but the first footsteps of giving an apt platform to bloggers for nourishing and optimizing their value was ever taken by Indiblogger. I had never attended any Indiblogger event before, thus #BNLF was my first … Continue reading My #BNLF Experience!

Being a Blogminter! :)

You are what you share. –Charles Leadbeater When you have the power of words, why confine it to yourself? And when you own the power to influence others and create an impact, which may benefit others, why constrain its presence? The world is our canvas and our words- well, they are the hues of influence, which can connect each one of us, anywhere, everywhere! This … Continue reading Being a Blogminter! 🙂

#The100DeedsOfChangeDrive Badge Reveal!

Greetings! It is a wonderful evening, while I update everyone about the badge for #The100DeedsOfChangeDrive. I have been quite busy, since I posted about a badge being awarded to everyone who participates in the Campaign. Today, I am completely done with the design of it and decided to reveal the badge to everyone. I hope everyone is excited the way I am! The thought of … Continue reading #The100DeedsOfChangeDrive Badge Reveal!