Godrej Security Solutions urges women to take charge of their security

Godrej Security Solutions, India’s leading security solutions provider, kick started a multi-city consumer awareness program and campaign #IAmSecure. The objective of this campaign, the first leg of which was held today in Mumbai at Godrej One, is to create awareness among women to be more proactive and take charge of their own security, educate them about the various solutions and also educate them about the importance of learning self-defense for leading a safer and secure life. The event witnessed participation of over 150 women from different walks of life pledging to take charge of their security.

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The event began with famous Indian Stand-up Comedian Atul Khatri taking a humourous dig at the security preparedness among citizens in India. This was followed by a panel discussion on ‘Safety and security for women is a fundamental right’, which was moderated by Sunil Mehta, Senior Vice President & Area Systems Director – Central Asia, JWT. The panelist included: Mehernosh Pithawalla, Global Head – Marketing, Sales & Innovation, Godrej Security Solutions Division, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd; Sandhya Shetty, model, actor, TV presenter and karate champion; Harshada Patil, a legal expert on cases pertaining to sexual harassment, senior representatives from the police force.

According to a recent report by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in India, every day 312 burglary, 99 robbery, and 1281 theft cases are recorded. Women, children, and senior citizens are the victims of such gruesome incidents. Addressing the event, Lata Dattatray Sutar, Senior Female Inspector, said, “While the police department is working relentlessly to ensure safety and security of women in the society, it is also important for women to become more aware of their surroundings, rights and take charge of their security. A collaborative effort will further help to fight against this issue.”

Adding to Lata’s opinion, Mehernosh said, “One of the biggest impediments to the adoption of security solutions in India has been a reactive attitude towards adopting solutions to safeguard one’s valuables and loved ones. Society is getting more tech-rich and empowered, and yet we remain as vulnerable to crime as before. Today’s safety and security anxieties are tied up not just with personal safety, but with the safety of our loved ones at homes, workplaces, schools and campuses, public places and so on. Hence it is important that women too now take charge of their security and pledge to keep themselves as well as their families secure too. We need to make a fundamental change in our behavior and be more proactive about security.”

Sandhya Shetty, who spoke in detail how learning Karate made her feel more secure and confident opined, “As they say, prevention is better than cure. It is important that women should learn self-defense and be more aware of their environment and the security threats. I firmly believe that learning self-defense improves agility, alertness and adds to your confidence too as it reduces your dependencies on others for security.”

Godrej Security Solutions introduced its latest range of WiFi enabled DIY CCTVs called EVE. The Eve series is capable of directly streaming videos to the mobile handsets of the home owners and helps one to watch over their loved ones from across the world. The EVE range of CCTVs has an auto-record function.

Godrej Security Solutions introduced three of their latest innovations on this platform. The three products are a plug and play wifi enabled CCTV camera that allows you to watch over your loved ones from across the world on your phone, wifi enabled video door phone and a plug n play burglar alarm system called Eagle I-Lite that raises an alarm when unusual motion is detected.

To know more about how you can secure your home and family, please download the Safety booklet: http://www.godrejsecure.com/SecuritySolutions/pdf/Safety-Tips-Booklet.pdf

28 thoughts on “Godrej Security Solutions urges women to take charge of their security

  1. I agree that now days crime has increased to large extent specially which targets 🎯 women and small children. So its very important that women should learn self defense and start practising karate etc for their safety. This post is helpful for encouraging women. Nice efforts.

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  2. Godrej security solutions sounds promising. The days are gonewhen you tell your neighbour ghar ka dhyan rakhna will be back after few days.Now you need security solutions. thanks for sharig this

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  3. Wonderful initiative by Godrej. Women have been a soft target for criminals and even their close ones. They must take a stand and stop being vulnerables.

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  4. Nowadays implementing proper security systems is not just important but it is a must. Its great to know that Godrej has taken a step to introduce such products.

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  5. Great initiative.. women need to be strong just like the godrej security system.. as godrej protects our belongings.. women should become strong and protect themselves ❤

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