Top Floor Styles For 2017

When planning an update or refresh to your home, the floor often gets overlooked but it really is an integral part of every room and a beautiful floor can make a real difference to the feel of a building.

This year has seen some beautiful designs and styles in flooring to choose from for your home, so here are the top styles which have been emerging this year, for you to choose from when giving your home a makeover.

Coloured Floor Trends

This year has seen a particular trend for two colors of flooring in homes – gray and blonde. The white wash beach look has also been incredibly popular so it seems everyone is going for the light and airy feel in their rooms this year. These are timeless flooring colors and really do open up a room and can be used anywhere in the home.

Environmentally-Friendly Flooring

More and more people this year have been opting for biodegradable and renewable materials for their flooring, with the environment in mind, and the most popular by far thanks to their stylish appearance and easy maintenance, are cork and bamboo.

Bamboo now offers many more options than just natural bamboo, with a choice of colors, textures, and styles available, including strand woven bamboo which has similar properties to hardwood flooring.

Cork flooring is also very popular in this category thanks to its cheaper price tag and the fact that cork flooring keeps your feet warm all year round!

Concrete Flooring

While concrete may not be the first flooring that comes to mind for your home, it is incredibly hard wearing and can be matched to a variety of shades and textures so it is far more versatile and popular than ever before.
Tiled Flooring

Using patterned tiles, in a huge variety of combinations, have increasingly grown in popularity as a flooring option. The joy of tiles is they can be used in any variety of color and pattern so you can create a completely unique look and feel for your room, to you’re your own tastes and personality.

Wooden Flooring

This classic flooring style is still hugely popular and parquet floors, normally associated with the seventies, have been making a real comeback this year.  Matte finishes to wooden floors have also been increasingly popular in homes this year.

Still in this area is Wood Plastic Composite – this is the material used in flooring made of wood fiber and PVC and is sometimes known as vinyl planks. These are increasingly popular to the durability and waterproof nature of the material, while still providing the warmth and appearance of wood.

Engineered wood has also become incredibly popular as an alternative to traditional hardwood. It is more stable and moisture safe as well as being cheaper. It still provides an elegant look to your home.

John from IB Flooring said, “This is by far my favorite type of flooring, nothing beats the look of real wood, the ease of cleaning it, treating it and even replacing it if it gets ruined.”

Carpet Trends

Of course, carpets are still a huge trend in flooring for the home but this year has seen the rise of the so-called high-performance carpet. These are created using a new technique which creates subtle and bold patterns.

Carpet companies are also going greener now using recycled materials and are more eco-friendly in terms of their manufacturing.

So Many Flooring Trends To Choose From

From eco-friendly carpets to cork and bamboo, there are flooring trends this year to suit even the environmentally-conscious householders, while still providing a variety of looks, colors, and styles so there is no need to compromise on appearance.

For trends to make your rooms seem more spacious, the light colored blonde, gray and whitewashed floors will do the job, providing an elegant, airy feel to any room, enabling you to give darker rooms an easy makeover without having to change all the lighting or electrics.

Traditional wooden floorings are still in style, but parquet flooring has made a comeback with people looking for the traditional patterns styles online, to get that authentic look which works really well in a hallway or kitchen.

The new engineered wood creates a nice alternative to the expensive hardwood options of the past and has some extra properties including better durability, while still offering all of the elegance a wooden floor brings to your home.

Tiles can be used to create really unique patterns and styles in your home, to inject some of your own personality into every room and bring in any colors you want, whether a full on block color or just a couple of accents in a more subtle pattern. If you want to be creative, then tiles can be a really great decorative flooring option and can be used in every room.

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