Being a Blogminter! :)

You are what you share.
–Charles Leadbeater

When you have the power of words, why confine it to yourself? And when you own the power to influence others and create an impact, which may benefit others, why constrain its presence? The world is our canvas and our words- well, they are the hues of influence, which can connect each one of us, anywhere, everywhere!

This notion of mine strongly meets the requirements of Blogmint- an Influencer Marketing Platform. When I stumbled on this site, I perceived it to be a muse which needed artists like me to explore and utilize it.

Influencer Marketing Platform - Monetize Your Social Media - Blogmint com (1)
Photo Courtesy: Blogmint

Blogmint was my first ever encounters of Freelance Writing and learning what Influencer Marketing is. It was the first ever platform which provided me with monetary benefits and fees for becoming an influencer.

With Blogmint, I discovered a completely new sphere of blogging and the perks associated with it.

The Blogmint site is perfectly designed for Bloggers and covers every aspect from becoming a member, to applying for campaigns, to writing for brands, to getting published and to getting paid. The entire experience was amazing and it kept me motivated. Campaign writing involves writing blog post or video blog post, on a certain topic with specified requirements within a stipulated time period.

Technology may change the way we communicate, but the relationship building truths will always stay the same. Stay true to them, in life and in marketing.”
–Ekaterina Walter

The Site has recently updated its Campaign requirements from blogging to micro-blogging and blogging and allows one to get paid for tweets as well. Also, the User page is updated with Demographics, so brands can identify their required influencer for a Campaign.

Benefits of being a Blogminter:

  • Getting to work with top most brands
  • Receive testimonials from brands on our work
  • Receiving monetary payments for your work
  • Payment Delivery on time and hassle-free
  • Participate in prestigious contests and win amazing prices

Bloggers, give it a try and engage in an amazing experience provided by Blogmint!

“Don’t find people to lift you up; You life them up first.”
–Brains on Fire

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