Parents- Think before you speak :)

All parents say the wrong things sometimes, but experts say choose your words wisely.

Parents are the windows of inspiration and learning to their kids. Children look upon their parents for learning various virtues and imbibe their teachings in their respective lives. We must take care and choose our words wisely before uttering them in front of their children, so that it doesn’t impact them with negativity.

I have been a Reward Me user and read the various tips put up on their website. It is a wonderful blog with tips and tricks on varied topics and it simplifies life, sometimes. Recently, I read on the website about things parents shouldn’t say to their children, so as to prevent any demoralization of their kids, from their end.

I found the article quite profound and to the point and hence, thought of sharing it on my blog for parent bloggers.

Psychologist Alex J. Packer, PhD, author of How Rude!, asked hundreds of teens about the most offensive things parents say. Comments included these phrases: “How can you be so dumb?” and “You’ll never amount to anything.”

A parent need to make themselves well acquainted with the fact that their children follow them and if sometimes, when they speak in manners which may make them believe in them, in a negative way, will affect them and also, their overall being.

One must-

  • Be aware of the impact your words have on children
  • Avoid labeling your child
  • Include children in the conversation

Parents who use harsh words when disciplining their children may be doing just as much harm as if they physically abused them. Research shows that a majority of parents use harsh verbal discipline—defined as shouting, cursing, or using insults—at some point during their child’s innocence. A new paper concludes that, rather than minimizing problematic behavior in children, the use of this kind of cruel language may in fact aggravate it.

Children look to their parents for love, support, and approval,” says Packer. “The thing kids fear most, apart from abandonment, is disappointing their parents. So these phrases, often spoken in fits of anger or frustration, hit kids where they are most vulnerable.

Children who experience harsh verbal discipline suffer from increased levels of depressive symptoms, and are more likely to demonstrate behavioral problems such as vandalism or antisocial and aggressive behavior.

“Parental warmth”—such as the degree of love, emotional support, and affection between parents and children—doesn’t lessen the effects of verbal discipline. The sense that parents are yelling at the child “out of love,” or “for their own good,” doesn’t mitigate the damage inflicted. Neither does the strength of the parent-child bond.


One must hence think before they speak! Thanks to Reward Me- my ally, that I came across this article and got this opportunity to share a valuable information to my readers! 🙂

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