My Father’s Laughter!

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.


My father is a cheerful person and he loves to laugh. When relatives visit us, they enjoy my father’s company and his laughter. In fact, when he is in one room and we are in the other, the ripples of his laughter- hilarious and enchanting, seeps into our room, loud and clear. His friends love him and neighbors come often to share a laugh or two, over silly anecdotes. His grandchildren adore him and together, they do a lot of hullabaloo and create an ambiance of mirth. When father laughs, you’ll laugh with him and in his giggles, one can see the reflection of his heart’s content.

But, a thousand laughters back, father was not so beaming, exuberant and buoyant. In our childhood, father was grave, serious and stern. He spoke very less and his laughter didn’t existed at all. His few, minimal words, he ever uttered to us, our still engraved in our minds and we barely remember any memory, when he would have smiled when he conversed with  us.

Yes, but the memories of his strictness and those days of our restlessness in his presence, are completely fresh in our minds. We would gauge his mood through his gestures and ascertain our freedom for the day. On the breakfast table, if he uttered a few words, everyone would heave a sigh of relief, but on days when his tone would be grumpy or he would be engrossed in his work, we knew that even a little of movement would welcome a bash from him, on our way.

The most difficult and tough days for us were when we were to attend a football match, after school, or go for the dance rehearsals, post the school timings, because we couldn’t attend any of them without father’s permission.

Mother was of no help to us, anytime. Our only rescue was Education. If only we scored exceedingly well in our exams, he would allow us to participate in sports or extra-curriculum. So, we did. We always worked hard and tried our best to be within the top 3 positions in the entire class. But, we never really knew whether those rankings or those excellent marks, ever made him happy, for his only reaction was a ‘good’ and an escape to participation in extra-curriculum and sports.

And today, it is pleasing to discover his laughter and see him unbottle his hues of happiness, which he hid deep, within himself, like a mesmerizing treasure, for years. We can feel his transition- the heaviness of a war he fought and won, by raising a few responsible individuals.

We love his laughter and love to see him laugh, to his heart’s content, because, it mirrors his pride, to see us grow as good and independent humans. And whenever he laughs with us, we hug him, because it is the best ever gift we can ever give him, for the pains he took in evolving us into the beautiful souls, we are today!

Me, My Brother & Papa :)
Me, My Brother & Papa 🙂

Fathers are special and their love can never be equated with gifts or material things. Let’s hug our fathers for being our pillars of success and express them our love, for love is what they desire from us.



What special have you decided to present your fathers with, this Father’s Day, share your views in the comments below 🙂

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