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Through my blog, I am open to learning new things, encountering new opportunities and evolving into being a better influencer, friend, & follower to a many readers who gain our trust trough their honest reviews.

Over the years, I have collaborated with a many Influencer agencies to help brands share and spread their word and ideas. It feels great to help a brand grow their business through our reach. One such agency which I have collaborated with is is a marketing platform which connects the brands and bloggers, to help strike the perfect deal for both. It helps the right influencers to meet their niche and vice versa. Both the Bloggers and brands grow!


How to Register on

One can simply signup on Influencer and add their personal blog and social media details along with their interests. Once you sign up, you will have a lot of opportunities coming your way! The process is simple – Once a campaign is launched- you get notified, you can then apply for the campaign with your quote for the same and wait until the client shortlists you.

What has been my experience with

Well, it has been great! With Influencer, I have received some very good deals and the compensation is great as well. I feel that my skill set as a blogger is expanding with every campaign. Through this portal, I had the opportunity to work with brands like Mydidi, Love & Love Only and many others to name a few. I will also be working with Himalaya brand in near future.

The entire process of application, selection, draft post, client approval and payment is very seamless. I do not have to follow up with the payments with them. They are very transparent and prompt with the payments. Once the post is approved and published, analytics for the post is shared, the payment is done as per the stated Company policies.



I believe that for any Blogger or Influencer to grow, we need a market place which makes the whole experience easy and complete. Any fellow blogger would agree to this. To be honest, I think, my job as blogger would have been harder if not for I think they are doing a great job of helping brands grow their business with the help of Digital Influencers like us.

Through this platform, I had the opportunity to associate with a few interesting brands and build new contacts. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wish to be connected with this platform in the future as well.
I highly recommend every blogger and influencer to register right away with, to kick-start your career as a blogger and connect with the best brands. It is your time to rise and shine!

Have you been a part of Influencer already? What has been your experience? Share your insights in the comment section.

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