TinyOwl Food Diaries!

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Delicious, rich and tasty food
confines within a bowl
for a scrumptious and flavorful dish of appetite’s
a delightful thought for the soul.

Do you like it? I’m sure, you would!

write.review.eatYou see, I can write great verses on Food, experiment with vivid cuisines every weekend, review the aroma and taste of various lip-smacking dishes. Basically, I can write food, relish food, review food, but, if you ask me about cooking, I go like, “Excuse me? I can’t hear you!”


Actually, to tell you the truth, it’s like I’m not deaf, I’m ignoring you! This entire life, I was so engulfed in satisfying my taste buds with rich food and going gaga over its taste and delicacy, that I never paid attention on the cooking aspect of it!

It’s not that I never encountered cooking, I did, which made me realize how I am more good at eating than cooking. I remember trying to elude cooking by giving study or assignment excuses. And In those rare memories when I cooked, my savior in disguise was YouTube! I remember how I used to learn a dish online, a day before I would cook and watch it ‘n‘ times to be sure!


I was this chef-with-many-subordinates because when the day would dawn, I would already have my cousin sisters by my side, helping me to cut the ingredients, so I had utter ease in cooking. And I would behave like I did a great deal of work, as I would present the food with great pride and honor!

The thought of doing the entire cooking- cutting vegetables or assembling the spices, already scares me! But, it happened! Yes, my nightmare did came true.

I remember it very well! My parents had gone out of station for some work and I was home alone. I had high plans of ordering heavy cheese pizza and enjoy it over a nice Disney movie! I so love Disney movies! 🙂

long weekend

But hey, it was a day to remember right? In actual, I got a call from my granny! She was coming over at our place to stay for the weekend and would reach home, by lunch time. I had to cook food! Granny cannot obviosuly have pizza, so I thought to resort to YouTube for some simple dishes to cook, but I had never made food on my own. I was in complete distress.

call from gran

This was a mixed surprise! I loved to have granny home, but cooking??? Huh!!

I decided to make Palak Paneer and Roti. I thought I could make it fairly! It took me almost an hour to cut the Paneer in cubes, clean the Spinach leaves, chop onions, assemble the required spices and make the dough.

just choppin onions

I finally began to saute the chopped onions in cumin seeds and bay leaf, as per the video instructions, which needed the onions to get golden brown. BUT! I literally burnt the onions and they were more black brown than golden brown. The entire gravy got spoiled and I was devastated!

she followed the recipe

It was completely unexpected to see that I was really bad at even making simple dishes. This came as a nasty surprise for me!


I know that doing the gravy again would take me time and if it would burn again, granny would be home by then! Hence, I cancelled the entire notion of cooking and decided to order something.

give up

But what and how should I order food which would taste like home?


I googled online to see the TinyOwl Food Ordering App and instantly downloaded it. It has some amazing features-

  • A brilliant, seamless and easy-to-use interface
  • Order from anywhere
  • It has two options- Restaurants & Dishes
  • Automatically detects your location and provides details of nearby restaurants and dishes offered
  • Keeps track of our previous orders
  • Special discounts and special offers on specific days or on first delivery
  • Free Meal option through app sharing
  • Variety of options & reasonable price
  • Every dish has details about the quantity and servings, so one could identify their requirements accordingly
  • Convenient in terms of saving our address and card details
  • Customer reviews and ratings to optimize our selection criteria
  • Restaurant’s promptness in terms of delivery in percentage format

I selected Paneer and Tandoor Roti as it would be suitable and adequate for a lunch of 2. Since, it was my first order, they gave me a discount of र 100 and I bought the dish at र 291! Isn’t it cool?


TinyOwl was my moment of rescue and a sigh of relief for me! It came as a blissful surprise indeed! And to be frank, I don’t think any other food app would even match the precision and aptness of TinyOwl! It changed my food buying experience for good! 🙂


nice lunch time

The food and granny came on time!

While we were having lunch-

“Granny, how you like the food?”

“It’s delicious beta, I know it is ordered!”

“Granny, you know I am not a good cook, so thought to order your favorite dish, so we both could enjoy :)”

“Well,  I somewhat loosely know the food fix, saw your efforts in the kitchen!”

And we both laughed!

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