#CelebratedBlogging with #WIN15!

This post won the ‘#CelebrateBlogging with #WIN15’ contest hosted by Blogadda Blogging is an art and celebrating it is another! BlogAdda’s #WIN15 event is the first ever blogging conference and event, I ever attended. And I must say, it was a never-forgetting event. #WIN15 took place on 20th September, 2015 at J.W. Marriott Sahar, in Mumbai. The event had awesome writers and bloggers from all … Continue reading #CelebratedBlogging with #WIN15!

#Stress-free mom with Aromatheraphy Oil hair massage!

This post won the Parachute’s ‘#StressFreeMom Campaign’ – Top 30 hosted by Blogadda Mother, I know you are no less than a superwoman disguised in a fair and beautiful individual. Mother, throughout my childhood, I could not identify the worries you buried under your sparkling and comforting smiles. Mother, despite being young and despite all those fears you lived, when nurturing me, I deciphered sheer … Continue reading #Stress-free mom with Aromatheraphy Oil hair massage!

#ShareTheLoad at home!

“Love is comforting her when the world seems to weigh on her shoulders.” Yes! #ShareTheLoad at home because it is an expression of love. When you contribute to the burden at home, you help to ease the worries and responsibilities, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere around. When there is equality at home, the word ‘burden’ automatically disappears. I believe that a house where responsibilities are … Continue reading #ShareTheLoad at home!

18 reasons to #CelebrateLife in the moment! :)

Why do you seek, O man an undying emotion called bliss in the world when it lies within you? – Amreen Bashir Shaikh Isn’t it true that happiness is self expression? And that it breathes within us? But we fail to realize this, thus making our lives, complicated and stressed. Happiness is not an expensive thing to desire and it does not need reasons to celebrate, … Continue reading 18 reasons to #CelebrateLife in the moment! 🙂

A new world

This post won the ‘India Today Conclave’15’ Contest – Top 30, hosted by Blogadda A new world What if the world be remade with beautiful trees and animals, chirping birds and fruits, vast blue oceans and fishes? And then be made humans the most intelligent and humble with the knowledge and enlightenment to utilize the nature to the best. To eat fruits, animals and fishes … Continue reading A new world

Spring has arrived

They were losing each other Her eyes reflected the waves of winter, which freezed her emotions and words. He was walking away from her, but a nameless goodbye lingered through her mind. — Fate gave them a chance once again. It was the time of fall and just like how the autumn leaves wither from their home and take a flight of tranquil, they met each other … Continue reading Spring has arrived


Sunrises Love is like the beauty of a sunrise, like a beginning filled with freshness and zeal like the gleaming of the sun on new grass after rain. And just like how sunrises promises the end of darkness and the dawn of brightness, let love be like sunrises- vibrant, illuminating, vivid, always alive and forever beautiful. And let love be like the rays of sunrises- inviting lovers to brighten … Continue reading Sunrises

Seasonal Love

Seasonal Love Its not that I don’t like seasons but, I hate the way they change their course reminding me of you and your love. I still remember how you came into my life just like the season of spring melting the dryness of my life. I reminisce about how like two lovely butterflies we spread the beauty of our love on every flower of … Continue reading Seasonal Love

Things that define me! :)

  Women today are liberal, not only in views or approach, but from their soul too! I personally feel and affirm that yes, my potential cannot be labelled under one name. I am a multitude of personalities and calibre. I am more than just a feminine soul! I can define myself as a daughter, sister, nature lover, web-designer, blogger, hard-working human, feminist, author, poetess, god-fearing … Continue reading Things that define me! 🙂

Childhood Memories

Childhood is indeed the best part of one’s lifetime. It is the phase in which we spread happiness in everyone’s life. Innocence, playfulness, laughter, smile, fun is what we can define Childhood. And an integral part of this beautiful phase are Nursery Rhymes! Children are always engulfed in enacting those rhymes, whether it be while at play or when visitors come home. Nursery Rhymes contain short … Continue reading Childhood Memories