Childhood Memories

Childhood is indeed the best part of one’s lifetime. It is the phase in which we spread happiness in everyone’s life. Innocence, playfulness, laughter, smile, fun is what we can define Childhood. And an integral part of this beautiful phase are Nursery Rhymes! Children are always engulfed in enacting those rhymes, whether it be while at play or when visitors come home. Nursery Rhymes contain short stories, are positive with wonderful, bright characters in it and always have a message to share. They build a child in an active way and are filled with optimism.

For me, I feel, Nursery Rhymes are memories, difficult to erase from one’s mind. You see a child reading a rhyme and you can recollect every word that follows, along with the tune associated to it, isn’t it? That’s its uniqueness! One can forget what the poems one learned during their academics but rhymes are something which are, kind of imbibed in your mind and they always spread a smile on one’s face when one recites it, for they bring back alive, moments of the past.

When I went through the Kids Hut Channel on Youtube, I saw so many videos on Kids’ Rhyme. There were rhymes which I still remember and then there were rhymes which I found after long. They all look so lively and vibrant. During our time, Rhymes were taught by teachers through actions and the tunes to the rhyme too were sang by them. For us, the characters in the rhymes were built in the minds as we only had a picture of the character in the rhyme book. But with the advent of Technology, children of today can learn Nursery Rhymes through videos, they can see the characters come alive and also relate to them. The mode of learning has indeed turned better with time and this way, children can learn with more enjoyment.

What first hit me with a gush of memories is “Goldilocks and the three bears”

I remember having this story in my first grade. The English teacher decided to make a play for the story and she selected me as Goldilocks. I remember how happy I was as I got to play the lead. The three bears for the play were 3 fat boys and what made me laugh through the play was a boy enacting for Mama bear. It is a faded memory for sure, but the best thing was that the teacher made the class clap for our performance for the play and she gave all of us a chocolate bar for being good! Such sweet memory! It makes me smile 🙂

“If you are happy and you know it” is another rhyme which brings back a pile of memories!

I used to teach nursery kids during my college years and the best part of my day, after doing those boring assignments of course was singing this rhyme along with the kids while teaching them. I remember, I had 3 kids to teach and I can never forget how happy they used to be when they recited this rhyme. They would make faces and smile and hop and jump while enacting this rhyme. It seemed as if, this rhyme was meant for them, as if, the rhyme could picture their happiness through and as if, this rhyme was a reflection of the true essence of childhood. You may feel that excitement in you when you sing it along with kids. You may realize how happiness is just a moment away from us and how Childhood is so precious!

I would like to end this post with a question to ask through a quote. The answer to it would definitely make you smile 🙂

“Don’t you wish you could take a single childhood memory and blow it up into a bubble and live inside it forever?”
― Sarah Addison Allen, Lost Lake


I thank Blogadda and KidsHut for this giving me this opportunity to share my words and memories of Childhood.

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