Published in the Blue Monday Review Magazine

Friends, Readers & fellow bloggers,

I’ve been away from blogging since a few months and I really missed it too! The reason being my illness. I may elaborate about it sometime later though, but would like to share a happiness which I received a few months back! I almost lost the thought of writing poems when I was unwell, but I received a mail from Amanda, the editor of BMR(Blue Monday Review) regarding my poem “Revathy” selection for her upcoming September issue of the magazine. That mail just elated my mood and my revived back my interest in poetry.

It is an interesting Magazine filled with art, stories and poems. You can buy the print copy from here and the e-copy here

I really thank Amanda for giving me this opportunity to contribute for her magazine and she is an amazing writer too! Glad to be a part of BMR!

Happy Reading 🙂

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