The Sage of immortal words

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Siddhartha Gautama Buddha was a sage on whose teachings Buddhism was founded. His guidance and discipline influenced many individuals who wished to find peace in their lives. He is an epitome of immortality as his teachings and sayings are still imbibed in many hearts and practiced still to seek peace and solitude in their respective lives.


I would like to quote a few verses on this immortal legacy called “Words”-

“His people cremated him
but they followed,
engraved in whispers
and gestured as advices.

His people missed his presence
but they followed,
reliving his thoughts and
creating his intangible aura.

His people forgot him
but they followed-
his words-
his immortal legacy.” 

These verses hold so much of truth and hence one must consider their words, their speech and how they impact others. Buddha was impeccable in goodness and his words reflected his kindness and compassion, thus making him a strong memory of righteousness in our minds.

When one thinks of Buddha, one recalls his sayings and mind you, each of it is profound with a message for life. You reflect on them and you see the beauty they contain. I would like to hence share a few quotes which hold meaning in my life and also quote a few words in their appreciation.

“There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path”

Indeed, happiness is derived more from the journey we try to achieve it from. When one sets out to search for happiness, it will never be achieved. There is no way or direction to it. You get happiness by doing things you like, by achieving in what you wish for and sometimes by the fulfilment of unexpected wishes. So, one do not need to map a way or path to happiness but only need to do things they like to conquer happiness.

I have an abstract of my poem “A life, so simple” to share pertaining to this quote;

“A cup of hot tea in the midst of work,
gifts me moments of relaxation,
to retain my determination in a life, so simple…

The coolness of the starry night,
rids me out of tension,
making me sleep blissfully in a life, so simple…”

Life is simple and beautiful and we can instil mirth in it by being content with what we own.

Another quote which hold importance to me-

“Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.”

It is true that one must use their words as their strength. A word of compassion, kindness and comfort is better than a thousand sentences of nonsense. We must therefore think before we speak, for our words and speech outline our true personality, more than our gestures and the way we look. It is hence said that “Silence is golden”.

I would like to end this post with a last quote which is integral in my life-

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional”

It is a quote with utmost profoundness! I personally like this thought the most. Whatever God gives us- good or bad, it is upon us to accept it with a smile or to cry over it. If one smiles in pain, then life will be the cup of pleasure for them. In fact, they would have nothing to lose and such people can find opportunities within rejections. And indeed for such minds, failure will be the stepping stone to progress.

I would like to end this post by sharing an abstract of my poem “A matter of fate” to relate to this thought-

“Destiny is not defined
by the outcome of events
but by the attitude we own

As a good destiny cannot
bring waves of happiness
on the sand of life
unless we feel content.

And a bad destiny cannot
perch the birds of sorrow
on the nest of life
until we are optimistic…

So life is just
a matter of attitude
we live it right
we get it right….”

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