Seasonal Love

Seasonal Love

Its not that I don’t like seasons
but, I hate the way
they change their course
reminding me of you and your love.

I still remember how
you came into my life
just like the season of spring
melting the dryness of my life.

I reminisce about how
like two lovely butterflies
we spread the beauty of our love
on every flower of life.

Life was drenched with
the freshness of the silent songs
that played in our hearts
when we enjoyed the showers of our affection.

But.. the time when rains ended
it wasn’t just the rainbow of sunshine that appeared,
A shadow of our broken love
overcasted our lives too..

You were always so different-
ever changing and unpredictable
I never knew this season
would fluctuate so soon to end.

I was seated on the bench
under the tree we often met,
dried leaves of our memories
withered from it.

They showed how our broken relation
has reached the season of fall
it was now waiting for
the silent arrival of winter.

The time when everything
will be buried under the snow of time.
Our best memories, the happiness-
everything would dry up.

I know that one day
the spring would come again
when you would demand love
and perish it again by fall.

I don’t like the way you are;
just like seasons
you come with a charm
but leave me when I start loving you.

Note: This is a fictional piece of poetry which showcases a girl’s thoughts when she experiences the first love of her life and shares her emotions and words about it. She compares her love with seasons depicting how like seasons, his emotions and value for her changed and fluctuated but she loved him in every phase of it. A very emotional piece for sure! 🙂

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