I {heart} you

I {heart} you

Adam called her. “Hey Eve! The Love Story is out.  I’ve bought a copy for me. I am done reading it and if you want, you can have it.”
The Love Story?”, she said eagerly, “Yeah, sure Adam, I so want to read it. When can I get it?”
“Can we meet tomorrow at the Library?”, Adam asked her. “Cool! Thanks Adam”, Eve replied.

Adam was in love with Eve. Being friends since the college years, his fondness for her grew with time and he felt that she was the one he always wished to be with. Eve was a book lover and was immensely in love with reading new romantic novels. She aspired to become a writer someday. Adam wanted to propose his love and affection for Eve and since he was aware about the fact that she loved books, he planned a medium to impress and entice her with a notion created around books.

Eve was a poetry lover too and so Adam decided to make a message of love for her through poetry or words. He read about messages formed through Book Spines i.e. verses of poetry formed with the titles of books by stacking them in order that the book spines create a message. He started spending most of his time to collect books which would emote his true love and spent around 3 months of his time to form love messages for Eve through the Book Spines of books from the Library. The Librarian was of great help. She helped him find books which suited his thoughts and soon, he was ready with them. He also carved messages from novel pages by blacking out unnecessary words to form a note for Eve, thus writing a few blackout poetry. His hard work and love for Eve was almost done. He then thought of assembling them in a video, so she can read through them, but then, he thought of writing a short story about their love and making a video of it. “This way, I would definitely win her!”, he thought. After the completion of his idea to express his love to Eve, he thought of calling her at the Library to express his love through “The Love Story” Novel.

They met at the Library, the next day. Adam was dressed neatly and so was Eve. Their conversation began with a smile.
“Hi Adam, good afternoon! So, how are you?”, said Eve with a smile.
“I’m good Eve! I’ve a beautiful review of ‘The Love Story‘ by a fan, if you would want to see?”, replied Adam.
“Sure Adam! Anything on Love Story. I’m so excited!”, said Eve.
They got seated on the bench near the Library. Adam opened his Laptop to show her the video.

There was utter silence for a while. Eve had tears in her eyes. She was completely astounded to see Adam’s love for her. Adam’s love, creativity and poetry absolutely flattered her. She was captivated by Adam’s charm and her moist eyes brimmed with love, conveyed that. She realized that Adam was crazily in love for her. Before she could have uttered anything, Adam kneeled down before her and said,

“I was in love
with the idea of
your hand fitting
perfectly into mine.
I was in love with
the possibility of looking into
your eyes
and seeing my whole world
I was in love with how
the ocean kisses the shore,
and how the tide always returns,
no matter how often
it was sent away.

I was in love
with the idea of
being in love with you.

Will you grow old with me?”

What more could Eve say, she was bewitched! Eve was surprised, mesmerized and enthralled in the moment. She instantly replied with a cry of love, “Yes Adam! Thank you for loving me so much and for all those words. I… I love you!”

Adam was happier than ever. He won over Eve and his words, his lovely words won Eve for her. He moved forward to hug Eve and they embraced each other in a true feeling, a beautiful gift called “Love

They were wordless and were surrounded by a tranquil of love, of smiles, tears and hug. Isn’t such a mesmerizing and indulging tranquillity called the sound of love, the rhythm of true love?

Finally, Adam gave her the book, “The Love Story“. She opened it to see that her photo was tucked in every page. She smiled. “Every page reminded me of you dear!”, said Adam. He then gave Eve a small handmade card.

Be my valentine
Photo Courtesy : Pinterest

Eve was extremely happy about the fact that she finally found her true love and so did Adam. They sat on the bench for long hours to talk, talk of love.

—– The End —–

Do you have any such experiences of true love? Share them! My writing was inspired by the below image of “Love has a new expression” and also the beautiful video below! Have a look and make this valentine a crazy one 🙂

Photo Courtesy : Blogadda


Note: “The Love Story” video was created by Amreen Bashir Shaikh, solely as a content for this post.

I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone

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