Best Birthday Gift for Her

A perfect amalgamation of love, thoughtfulness with a pinch of rationality is what it takes to give an impeccable gift to your lady love, and what better occasion for gifting than birthdays. Yes I know birthdays are stereotypes but let’s face it deep down inside we all want to feel special with grand gestures. Love has various forms in our lives. Love for our parents, … Continue reading Best Birthday Gift for Her

What’s your WhatsApp Status today?

What’s your WhatsApp status today? WhatsApp is a crucial part of our social life, as it helps in sharing of messages, photos, audios and videos. People use it as a common mode of social communication. WhatsApp has one interesting feature which enables one to flaunt their status message to represent or express their mood and it has achieved a progressive interest among the social bees. … Continue reading What’s your WhatsApp Status today?

It takes a family to make a home!

Home is an emotion and much more than a house made of bricks, cement and measures. Because home is where laughter resides, expressions confine and hearts live. Home is the shelter of not beings, but souls- vivid, special and full of themselves. A place where memories are born of a million smiles and sorrows. Home is a book written of a many stories and chapters- … Continue reading It takes a family to make a home!

Generations of Love

God’s most precious work of art is the warmth and love, of a grandparent’s heart. A grandparent’s love is strong and deep, filled with memories to cherish and keep. Aren’t these lines so true to the word? I can well relate to them because I have really loving grandparents AND they have a loving grandchild in me. Since childhood, I have always enjoyed spending time with … Continue reading Generations of Love

Life’s simple pleasures!

Happiness doesn’t need reasons, unless we build this notion and attitude in our lives. Million dollar dreams and this worldly life is not really happiness and a materialistic life is definitely not true happiness. For me, simple things in life bring happiness. Simple smiles, words of praise, a cup of tea- these are the few things which make me happy and make my day. If we … Continue reading Life’s simple pleasures!

Spring has arrived

They were losing each other Her eyes reflected the waves of winter, which freezed her emotions and words. He was walking away from her, but a nameless goodbye lingered through her mind. — Fate gave them a chance once again. It was the time of fall and just like how the autumn leaves wither from their home and take a flight of tranquil, they met each other … Continue reading Spring has arrived


Sunrises Love is like the beauty of a sunrise, like a beginning filled with freshness and zeal like the gleaming of the sun on new grass after rain. And just like how sunrises promises the end of darkness and the dawn of brightness, let love be like sunrises- vibrant, illuminating, vivid, always alive and forever beautiful. And let love be like the rays of sunrises- inviting lovers to brighten … Continue reading Sunrises

I {heart} you

I {heart} you Adam called her. “Hey Eve! The Love Story is out.  I’ve bought a copy for me. I am done reading it and if you want, you can have it.” “The Love Story?”, she said eagerly, “Yeah, sure Adam, I so want to read it. When can I get it?” “Can we meet tomorrow at the Library?”, Adam asked her. “Cool! Thanks Adam”, Eve replied. — Adam … Continue reading I {heart} you

Seasonal Love

Seasonal Love Its not that I don’t like seasons but, I hate the way they change their course reminding me of you and your love. I still remember how you came into my life just like the season of spring melting the dryness of my life. I reminisce about how like two lovely butterflies we spread the beauty of our love on every flower of … Continue reading Seasonal Love