A Healthy Way To Celebrate Chocolate Day With Love

The season of love is here and every loving heart is thinking of a beautiful way to celebrate love and their kindredness with their loved ones, this Valentine’s Day! While there are a host of options available on the internet- from DIY hampers, to creative scrapbooks, to a lovely staycation, the one thing that never ceases to define love and its enamour are chocolates, don’t you agree? A single whiff and bite of chocolate is enough to brim your hearts with the sweetness of love, isn’t it? This decadent piece of beauty is such a priceless portrayal of love and the freshness it brings to our lives.

However, apart from the lingering gooey taste, chocolates are a big source of sugar and hence, a lot of women refrain from consuming more than a few bites, fearing weight gain or simply to prevent facial breakouts. So, the aromatic chocolates take a back seat in the blissful journey of love. 

Fret not, I have a solution. Recently, I came across this amazing website “BeeTee’s Melt Chocolates” that makes and sells vegan chocolates. Yes, you heard it right! Vegan! Elaborate? Well, you won’t believe what I am going to share with you. The moment I read about the ingredients that go into making these delectable beauties, I was awestruck and it was love at first sight!

What are BeeTee’s Melt Chocolates?

BeeTee’s Melt Chocolates are bean to bar chocolates that are Gluten free, Soy free, Refined sugar free, Preservative free Chocolates and Hydrogenated oil and Palm oil free Nut Butter. 

What do they sell?

They have an incredible range of curated chocolate bars, nut butters, and bread spreads to make your every bite delectable and guilt-free.

My favourite picks?

Yes, I have 3 favourite picks! The bar chocolates have my heart. I’m a big time Netflix binger and while I used to devour a big bar of chocolates with every season, my skin would break out and I had to stop consuming too much chocolates. But with BeeTee, I can live those binge nights again, and that too, without any guilt. 

  1. BeeTee’s Melt 48% Milk Chocolate: It is made using cacao beans, brown sugar, cacao butter, and milk. 
  2. BeeTee’s Melt 72% Dark Chocolate with Palm Sugar: It is made from Cacao Beans, Cacao Butter, and Palm Sugar.
  3. BeeTee’s Melt 54% Coconut Milk Chocolate: It is made with Coconut Milk, Cacao Beans, Cacao Butter and Coconut Sugar.

Why is BeeTee’s Melt a healthy option to celebrate love?

Chocolates with higher content of cacao beans are believed to strengthen the heart and reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases. Palm Sugar is said to have low dietary sugar and therefore, it doesn’t spike up your energy levels like normal sugar, thus reducing strain on your heart. Muscovado sugar or brown sugar is refined and a much healthier option to consume than regular sugar. Each bite of BeeTee’s Melt is a treat and a pathway to a romantic slumber. They don’t have any hidden preservatives, gluten, or soy, making them a healthy option to consider while gifting your loved ones.


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