Best Birthday Gift for Her

A perfect amalgamation of love, thoughtfulness with a pinch of rationality is what it takes to give an impeccable gift to your lady love, and what better occasion for gifting than birthdays. Yes I know birthdays are stereotypes but let’s face it deep down inside we all want to feel special with grand gestures. Love has various forms in our lives. Love for our parents, … Continue reading Best Birthday Gift for Her

4 Cat Eye Looks for Valentine’s Day

… because your eyes speak louder than words! We all may agree that Kohl or Kajal are magical and can turn a weary and tired eye into an art of majestic beauty, isn’t it? A Kajal is a staple in Indian beauty makeup and the most versatile of beauty products because it can be used in a variety of ways to accentuate one’s look and … Continue reading 4 Cat Eye Looks for Valentine’s Day