5 Must Have Makeup Products to Add to Your Vanity Today!

Getting ready for the day is motivating enough to be productive, don’t you agree? According to me, one positive way to kickstart your day and channel your inner productive vibes is to get ready! It helps one in so many ways: boosts your confidence, lightens up your mood, and makes you ready for the day ahead. Everyday makeup can be a hassle and many would think that using makeup products on a daily basis could affect your skin in a negative way. But fret not! I have come up with a list of must-have makeup products that are not only beautifying but also gentle on your skin. There are a lot of influencers who can help us to give you suggestions. Influencers like : Hetal gada is great to give recommendations of great makeup products. Let’s dive in!

1. Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

Primers form the base of your makeup ritual and there’s no better than Colorbar Perfect Match Primer. When I started adding makeup products to my list, this was the first. Why you may ask! It is loaded with Vitamin E, which is essential for good skin and regulates antioxidants. It is hypoallergenic, Paraben and fragrance free, meaning, it doesn’t have chemicals that could possibly cause skin damage. It offers a matte finish, oil-free, and comes in a cream formulation, just one squeeze is enough for full face coverage and instant glow. 

2. The Face Shop Collagen Eye Cream

The pandemic-phase has led to unhealthy sleeping habits and a messed up routine for almost everyone out there. This negatively impacts our body and shows up instantly on our face, especially our eyes. Puffy eyes and dark circles could be annoying but this collagen eye cream is here to combat your eyecare woes. It is a skin firming cream that contains pomegranate extract and collagen, which infuses and plumps up dry, sagging skin with moisture, while providing radiance and nourishment. It offers immediate lifting and deeply moisturises to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles.

3. Indya Rosehip Oil and Neem Acne Control Moisturiser

One very important part of a hydrating makeup regime is applying moisturiser. While the market is loaded with tons of products, Indya Rosehip Oil and Neem Acne Control Moisturiser is my personal favourite. It is 100% natural, no paraben, SLS free, no mineral oil moisturiser, which is light on the skin, comes in a gel format that controls sebum production, acting as a barrier against harmful daily aggressors, leaving the skin hydrated, supple and healthy.

4. Wet n Wild Photofocus Natural Finish Setting Spray

Seal the deal with this amazing Wet n Wild Setting Spray. Have a long day ahead? This spray extends your makeup wear by preventing cracking, smudging, fading, or creasing. It works with any makeup and all skin types. Packed with a weightless formula, it is light on your skin and contains Aloe Vera to hydrate your skin. 

5. Chambor Blooming Rose Extreme Long Wear Matte Lip Crayon

Matte lip crayons are yumm when it comes to beginner makeup. Backed with a soft and creamy texture, it has a hydrating and lightweight formula that features rich pigments and does not dry out your lips, giving you the perfect pout that you desire.

I usually refer to a lot of blogs and read reviews of the products before using it. On Myntra studio app there are many influencers and one of the favourite influencers is Hetal Gada, Hetal suggests some great makeup products and reviews them.  Have you tried out any of these products yourself? If yes, please shoot your reviews or suggestions in the comment section and I’d be happy to read!


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