My Experience With Using Puer Dishwashing Gel and Floor Cleaner

In the wake of the pandemic that’s been here for almost 2 years now, we are majorly confined to our homes. Work has also been primarily from home, so the one thing I do to make this environment bearable is by keeping my house neat and inviting. From being creative to working from home to cleaning the house, everything is now manageable as we have tried our best to cope with all of it. 

A clean home is a gateway to great health, isn’t it? 

That’s when I came across the brand PUER. The best part about their existence is that their products are:

  • Formulated using natural and biodegradable ingredients
  • Plant-powered
  • Fragrance engineered with Malodour Control Technology

I have tried and tested two of their products:

1. PUER Dishwashing Gel

Staying at home has introduced me to various kinds of dishes and I have experimented with my culinary skills by preparing a host of cuisines. But obviously, I have had my share of blunders and that has made me witness a lot of burnt dishes and pans. With a lot of kitchen cleaning equipment and methods that surfaced on the internet, the usage of baking soda was something I was inclined to. 

Cleaning tough stains and marks with baking soda was interesting but it sometimes left white patches on the utensils and that worried me, as we would be using it for consumption in the future. 

My experience with using PUER Dishwashing Gel is that it is effective in removing milk, oil, or dried-up stains. Made using natural ingredients, the dishwasher gel works instantly to remove any tough stain with just one swipe. Another best part is that it doesn’t leave any harmful residue or white patch on the utensil after drying. The utensils look squeaky clean and shiny after every wash, making me smile from my heart. It is always a joyous experience to wash the utensils with PUER dishwashing gel as the zesty fragrance of lemon and the malodour control technology in the product effectively tackle the strong odour of fish, garlic, and even egg.

2. PUER Floor Cleaner

Floor cleaners that I have used so far use synthetic ingredients and have a very strong odour. I have a cat at home and if he would lick that, it could lead to health issues for him. I searched and worked with many cleaning solutions but to no avail. 

Then, I ordered PUER Floor Cleaner and it never made me worry about Simba. It is guaranteed to kill 99.99% of germs and make our homes safe and clean. No matter the dirt or grime that has build-up, just one strike and the floor looks effortlessly clean, sparkling, and fragrant. Floor cleaning has become therapeutic for me as it helps to declutter my mind. Mesmerising fragrance of the cleaner relaxes and soothes me as if I am in a garden. 

My overall experience with PUER products had been fantastic and it has made my cleaning journey during the pandemic worth the while. Have you tried any of their products yet? Share your experience and review in the comments section.


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