What’s your WhatsApp Status today?

What’s your WhatsApp status today?

WhatsApp is a crucial part of our social life, as it helps in sharing of messages, photos, audios and videos. People use it as a common mode of social communication. WhatsApp has one interesting feature which enables one to flaunt their status message to represent or express their mood and it has achieved a progressive interest among the social bees.

Everyone is keen about their status message on WhatsApp. Most people tend to change it daily and some change it during festive occasions or other celebrations. Many dedicate their status message to their friends on their birthdays or as a thankful gesture to friends who helped them and some even do status fights. Isn’t it interesting and creative? One feature, so many ways of communication?

But changing WhatsApp status messages on a daily basis or regularly to reflect our mood would mean a lot of thoughts to write one or online searching. What if there is one commonplace to get a daily dose of awesome and curated WhatsApp statuses to use as our status message?

WhatsStatus is an online website with the biggest collection of best WhatsApp status messages. It can be used on our profiles on Facebook, MySpace and other social profiles that not only helps our profile to stand out but also to score likes.

Why WhatsStatus?

  • Commonplace for a host of WhatsApp statuses
  • Unique and new statuses updated regularly
  • Statuses written by professional writers
  • 60+ WhatsApp categories to choose from i.e. love, inspirational, life, birthday, cute, joke, etc

It was a treat to read the statuses on WhatsStatus. There were so many to choose from. I would like to share a few statuses that I personally liked and used for my status messages.

Do not ignore yourself; by trying to listen to everybody. – Inspirational WhatsApp Status

Only a poet, musician or a painter can make you immortal! If any of them loves, you will remain alive forever in their creation! – Romantic WhatsApp Status

One call to my friend, and everything else becomes a joke!! – Friendship WhatsApp Status

Aren’t they amazing? Are you already planning to check the website? I’m sure you won’t regret!



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