HoneyBell Cakes: Review

Cake is for life, not just for birthdays.

Whoever quoted this, I second this! Cakes- the ultimate sweet delight are irresistible and we always find a reason to relish them, agree?

Recently, I was gifted with a box of vanilla goodness by HoneyBell Cakes & Cookies. When I opened the box, it smelled of fresh vanilla and honey.

HoneyBell started in 2010 and has been selling its delicious Eggfree Vanilla Cakes throughout Mumbai and suburbs since its inception. The cakes are manufactured at a state of the art facility where hygiene and quality ingredients reign supreme. They are working tirelessly to reach out to everyone, wherever and whenever we crave for that “Little Bite of Happiness”

HoneyBell claims that their Eggfree Vanilla Cakes are world-class. Really? Let’s Review!


The box I received contained of properly arranged cake packets and the packaging was neat. Mmmmmmm…..! Indeed, my bite of happiness. I was lost in the moment while I ate the cake. It was so fresh, soft and not at all lumpy. Also, the taste is divine. I was left mesmerized! It’s not that HoneyBell is the first to establish pocket cakes in Mumbai, but apart from the other pocket cakes that I tasted, HoneyBell is the hero! The quality of packaging each cake is hygenic, the taste is rich and stays on the tongue for long, texture is creamy and soft and literally melts in the mouth. Each bite? Happiness!

So would I recommend HoneyBell Cakes? Definitely! Enjoy your mornings and evenings with HoneyBell Eggfree Vanilla Cakes and Tea or Coffee.


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