Why the habit of Savings, the best habit! #BachatKiAadatHiSahiAadat

Savings is the essence of Indian shopping.

Indeed, We Indians enjoy and celebrate every shopping season. The habit of saving is a silent ritual that we consistently follow since ages. We never find a product valuable unless we bargain and buy it.

I still remember that after the end of every school year, during summer vacations, me and my brother would carry heaps of unwanted school books with a happy smile on our face for a few currency notes. So you see, Savings is at the heart of Indians.

Savings in a way helps us to choose and buy the product wisely. It also helps us in investing the saved amount on other products or keep it for later use. Also, when a person inculcates the habit of Savings, they become more responsible and beneficial for the society at large.

Recently on the occasion of Independence Day, Big Bazaar had organized a mega sale from 13th to 17th Aug 2016, considering the emotion of savings with a TVC, which encourages the habit of savings in the Indian consumers.

Last evening, I, in support of the campaign, attended the sale in Mumbai. Big Bazaar had organized an extravagant sale in categories like Home Decor, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Health, Education, Bath and Bath accessories, Gadgets and Apparel. This way, the sale concentrated on every aspects of the need of an Indian consumer. Also, the variety of products and the range was overwhelming. The products were of good quality and the prices were tempting enough for me to do a lot of shopping. Well, I enjoyed my shopping and it gave me a lot of content. That is what we call the happiness of saving, after all!

I encourage others to participate in the Big Bazaar sale and inculcate in themselves the habit of Savings.

One can also buy or look out for offers online on Big Bazaar.

What are your thoughts on Savings? Do you believe in ‘Bachat Ki Aadat Hi Sahi Aadat’? Share your opinions in the comment section. I’m all ears 🙂

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