Things that define me! :)


useyourand-blogaddaWomen today are liberal, not only in views or approach, but from their soul too! I personally feel and affirm that yes, my potential cannot be labelled under one name. I am a multitude of personalities and calibre. I am more than just a feminine soul! I can define myself as a daughter, sister, nature lover, web-designer, blogger, hard-working human, feminist, author, poetess, god-fearing and a fighter. I play many roles in life and juggle amongst many identities. Life it is!

Throughout my journey of life, I’ve played many roles and did great justice to it. From being a daughter to, today being a successful person, I’ve come a long way. It feels great to learn that we are imbibed with various flavours of identity and quality, making ourselves a vivid and interesting personality.

Today, every facet of my identity is integral to me, holding importance to me. As a daughter, I love caring, praying for my parents and making them proud of me. It feels great when they smile with happiness when they see me victor or doing things I am supposed to do!

I started writing since my 6th grade and it feels great, the way I have journeyed a long way and see myself being published in various magazines. It feels my work, endeavour, passion, all have paid its due. It feels great when people like your work and enjoy them. Playing with words and carving metaphors on pages is awesome! I was the most happiest when I compiled an ebook of my poetry last year and the reviews and feedback I got on it, it was amazing! I felt the entire hard work was worth it! If I wouldn’t have studied I.T, I would have done Creative Writing or English Literature for sure. Always a lover of English language:)

When it comes to work, I enjoy finding new wordpress themes, custom designing them and experimenting with the latest functions and frameworks! When your boss feels great with your work, your website design and praises you for that, that feeling is awesome! Like your hard work is paid off! And being consulted for new projects and being a person to lead it, feels wonderful! You realize that your determination is on the right track and you are just doing great!

I’ve been blogging since last year, despite I created the blog in 2013. I made many friends and readers online and within just 6 months of activity on the blog, I got a whole lot of love by fellow bloggers and friends. I got blog awards, got reviewed, interviewed and had made friends from across the globe in the blogosphere! Blogging is great outlet to your emotions, to your day and to the opinions you have to share. It is a platform where millions are waiting to hear from you, like how you are wanting to read some stories.

You can never be what you are without your God’s blessing on you! I am ardent believer of Allah (SWT) and feel graceful every time I read namaz or pray. It is amazing to be within the grace of God and be blessed with his blessings on you. I love and respect his creation and all that he has bestowed on me.

2013-10-16 17.50.05-1-1So that’s me! One name, One Person, One Female, Many identities, Many personalities, Many facets! Difficult to define under one label. I personally feel that every woman is a multi-faceted individual and we like it!

I would like to thank Gillette Venus & BlogAdda for giving me this opportunity to write for the #UseYourAnd initiative and I really feel honoured about the importance and support given by them to women to write about themselves, addressing a larger audience.

I must encourage each one of you to watch the below Video by Gillette Venus, which will intrigue any woman to write about themselves and fill their hearts with courage and positivity. Great Work!

This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus.


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