A wonderful Sunday

It was Sunday morning! I was extremely happy about the weekend as I had planned the evening out with my cousins. Everything seemed wonderful that morning- the sun-soaked curtains, the cool wintry breeze lingering through my room every now and then, the mirror! Ah! my mirror! I only progressed towards it, to see my face taken over by a big fat pimple! Oh my gosh! What a beautiful start to a beautiful day…. isn’t it?

acne-cartoonFurious am I
Ohh what a disgrace!
why did this red pimple
took over my face?

I, in no way, was going to roam about with my cousins flaunting Mr. Red! “Either it would be me or that fat spot to go for the outing”, I though to myself. In no time, I took the house with huge cries as my day was about to get spoilt. My mother pacified me, saying that the pimple didn’t seemed to get attention, but I budged to listen. No girl with clear skin will wish to let any such intruder attack her face. Not me, at least! So finally, my mother gave me Multani Mitti for application, saying that it will soothe the boil.

Multani Mitti - Courtesy, awomensclub.com
Multani Mitti – Courtesy, awomensclub.com

I mellowed down. The Multani Mitti was applied. It dried. I washed my face. Oops! No results. The boil was prominent.

Then, I decided to take charge of my face on my own. I went on-line to search for some natural remedies to clear the unwanted guest from my face. And then, I tell you… take the remedies I took to label as, “Ways to spoil your day with no definite results!”

Finally, by afternoon, I started thinking of the excuses to delay or cancel the evening plan. I still remember how planning the I-won’t-be-coming-tonight reason was successful than those unnecessary so-called natural remedies! My cousins didn’t wanted to leave me alone and we planned to meet next weekend, as I was sooo sick 😉

Monday morning, I got up to see some more friends of Mr. Red on my face. They were evolving gradually.

Oops, I did mistakes
fidgeting with my face,
it is now brushed
with so many big spots,
My life is in despair
Oh what a sad affair!

The battle was tough! I now had not one, but many Mr. Reds to overcome. Natural remedies failed, Mom’s suggestion didn’t work, I had no weapons to war against those creepy boils. In short, I was devastated! 😦

Not for long but, my Aunty came home on Tuesday. She was a saviour in disguise. After meeting me and seeing my face, she said instantly,”Hey, you should try Garnier Pure Active Neem Facewash. You’ll be free of these pimples. I use it too!”

I bought the face-wash right away. I also read some reviews of the face-wash on-line, which affirmed my Aunty’s suggestion. People liked it and were happy with the results. It brought back the smile on my face.

garnier neem face wash
Garnier Pure Active Neem Facewash

So from Wednesday, I started using Garnier Pure Active Neem Facewash. It is affordable in price and gel-like. It does not appear to contain any soap, but lathers well upon application. The liquid is lime-green in colour. I applied the liquid on damp face and massaged it all over my face, avoiding the eye contour area, as stated in the instructions. I washed my face thoroughly after that. The face-wash contains Tea tree leaf oil which helps prevent pimples by washing off the problem causing bacteria, Neem leaf extract which fights bacteria caused by pollution and other ingredients which removes oil thus eliminating dirt, germs and bacteria.

I applied the face-wash twice a day and within 3 days, I saw visible results. The boils on my face were drying and the skin felt oil free, smooth in texture and soft to feel.

Garnier Face-wash has come to my rescue
enriched with neem and tea tree oil
the red spots now turned feeble
goodbye, you silly boils!

The weekend was about to come and I was feeling happy. I just wished and hoped that Mr. Red’s Kingdom doesn’t invade my face again. But, the face-wash is enriched with Neem which helps prevent pimples from coming back. So, I was assured!

It was Sunday morning again! This time, I thought to feel happy only through my mirror! And… my face was clean, fresh, pimple-free and there weren’t any spots of the pimples too. Garnier Pure Active Neem Facewash worked on them. It was my strongest ammunition against those intruders and I won the battle!

2013-10-16 17.50.05-1-1
Me after using Garnier Pure Active Neem Facewash

Beautiful I am now
I got the love of my skin finally
my face radiates with grace
ohh, I can see my skin smile happily!

In the Evening, me and my cousins had a blast and I had that smile of confidence on my face. Thanks to Garnier Pure Active Neem Facewash.

Now, I can say, I had a wonderful Sunday, thanks to Garnier Pure Active Neem Facewash & yes, not to forget, my Aunty 🙂

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my experience about this wonderful Facewash.

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