My Quikr Experience

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December 15, 2014- one of the best days of my life. That evening, I got an email from my Company stating that I have got a promotion from the Web Designer position to Chief Designer and Team Lead for Outsourced Projects. It also stated that the job would require me to relocate to Bangalore. I was extremely excited to learn this. Bangalore is the technology hub of India and to be working there among great professionals only added to my excitement. I was also happy about the fact of moving into a new city, meeting new people and staying in a completely new place.

My Company had arranged for my complete stay in Bangalore. But then what about the belongings I had in Mumbai? What should I do to them? I was brimmed with questions about my furniture and other belongings in my Mumbai apartment. I wanted to take them along with me into my new home.

I shared my concerns with a few friends of mine, who suggested me to contact Movers and Packers on-line through some On-line Classifieds Portal, as, according to them, I had only 2 weeks left to relocate to Bangalore and trying to arrange for Movers and Packers in such less time would be impossible. I found sense in their suggestion, but then, I had never used an on-line classifieds portal to arrange for a relocation of my products and also didn’t had an idea of their reliability.

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I searched through a few on-line portals relating to Movers and Packers. And then, I found Quikr! I’ve seen a few advertisements of it on television but never experienced it for myself. I was shocked to see how many range of products can be rented, sold, bought through Quikr and it is a trusted brand for the same. The procedure seemed reliable and so I went for it.

I downloaded a Quikr Application as it was more mobile than transacting through Laptop. I liked the idea of free Ads. It allows any person in need to sell their products without even paying for them. Also, the Application had features like Chat with clients, Number privacy and Photo sharing. I liked the interface of the Application as well. It is easy to use and hence time saving. Quikr also has an MSP(Maximum Selling Price) feature which is based on an algorithm and helps one to determine the exact selling price of the product in 3 parameters- Excellent, Good and Average. It indeed appealed me.

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I had a wooden cabinet, a wooden bed set, a recliner and a dining table to relocate to my Bangalore apartment.

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I finally got a Packers and Movers in the location I wanted to shift my household items too. It was Skywing Cargo Packers and Movers. I saw their verified Ad and called them the next day. The communication went on smoothly and they were ready to transfer my household items from Mumbai to Bangalore within a week’s time and at an affordable price. The transaction was done as decided and this indicated my smooth relocation to Bangalore without any hustle-bustle and also that I would feel familiar in my new haven with my Mumbai furniture already available there.

Everything happened the way I thought and frankly speaking, I didn’t expect such smooth shifting to a new location but thanks to Quikr, I was tension free. I would suggest just anyone to use Quikr. It is the best! It functions exactly as its tagline – No fikar, bech Quikr!

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