A “click” that changed my life

Our life is an outcome of many events and the decisions we make are mostly influenced by the ideas and thoughts that click within our mind. We can never decide or ascertain that sometimes, our prompt decisions influenced by the clicks our heart gives us can bring us only happiness. Following the same lines, many times happiness came into my life by such clicks, by such notions.

Last year, I was very sick. I had been ill for a long time and my condition, somewhere influenced my writing. I almost stopped writing. I stopped posting on poetry forums and stopped engaging with my poetry friends. I had once been a judge for a poetry site and have encountered some real good poems in my life, I have won a lot of on-line poetry competitions and seen the poetic potential in me, I have written a bunch of poems based on prompts in speed poetry writing in a day for my poetry clubs and indulged in writing some amazing, unique poetry, but…. now, I felt a void in my thoughts and no power in my pen and hence felt that the ink of my imagination has dried up!

It had been over 6 months that I did not write anything and felt that the zeal in me has been lost somewhere. When I read poems on-line, I felt I could have been there, my writing could have been there, but still, there was no words in me and literally no room of inspiration.

But, that click was not far behind. In September, I received a mail from a poetry editor of Blue Monday Review, conveying that my poem, “Revathy” was selected to be published in their magazine in the September Edition. My happiness knew no bounds and that mail acted as a positive click in my life, in my poetic self and encouraged me to write. That was the time that I felt good and discovered that my words do have an impact. It was the time when I actually started writing again. One quote, one verse, one sentence. I got the confidence to write.

After that, I participated in a Short Story writing competition at Mumbai level in a Mumbai Literary Festival and also participated in 2 blog writing competition and won it. I am glad I found my muse which was wandering around in blank messages and today, I have gripped it tight to never let it go.

Winner badge from writersezine

That mail really was a click that changed my life for good! Do you have any such experiences in life? Why not share it…

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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