Is Laundry only a womans’ job?

Aren’t we familiar with the “Where is my t-shirt Usha?”, “Mom, why did you put my jeans in laundry today?” questions? Well, many ladies will relate to this, I mean really MANY! When I read the post by Blogadda in association with Ariel, I too related to the sentences, word by word. The statistics compiled and provided by Ariel wasn’t too shocking as Women and laundry are associated to each other. But, whether Laundry is only a women’s job is an entirely different question.

These are some of the telling household statistics that emerged in Ariel’s survey conducted by AC Nielsen.


In today’s world, man and woman are seen working at the same level. They share the same space of independence and freedom today. So what about house work? Is it a compulsion that a woman has to do the laundry job because we are accustomed to seeing it since our childhood? Well, not really!

I asked a few family members about how they go about with doing the laundry. At my place, since my mom is a home-maker, she likes to do everything on her own. But, when she gets unwell, her work is shared by me, my dad and my brother. This way, none of us is burdened and everything goes smoothly.

My sister and brother-in-law who stay in Australia work at an IT firm and when I asked her about the Laundry question, she said we share the work. Sometimes, she does it and sometimes my brother, so the work goes on undisturbed.

As we saw in the above cases, there were 2 families, where in one, the wife is a home maker and in another, the wife works. But, as lifestyle changes, so does the pattern of work. Laundry work if distributed or shared among members will ease the pain of doing it and also help in completing the house chore efficiently.

According to me, Laundry is not only a women’s job. Today, Men do cooking, cleaning and house chores too. Why not laundry? There are many ways in which the Laundry work can be done efficiently.

  • If the wife is a home maker and does not have domestic help, husband can help her by sharing the work, like, she can wash the clothes and he can place them for drying and later iron them or vice versa. This way, none is burdened and work is done.
  • If the wife is a home maker and likes to work, husband may help her by doing laundry when she is unwell.
  • If both work, they can still share the work or keep alternate day shifts of doing laundry.
  • Husband can give a day’s off to their wife from work, every week, so they can relax, go out with friends and have their special day.
  • Husbands can write notes of love and thanks to their wives for taking care of everything. Notes of appreciation only encourages one to always be an enthusiast and also foster love and happiness in the house.

House chores will never be a task and never need a domestic help if the family members share the work among them. It will help in doing the tasks quickly, none will be over-burdened and happiness will hit home for them.

This question of Laundry did not arise to create a bias for woman and making man feel that they burden females with work, but this question was born out of responsibility. If it is not a Man’s job, it is not a woman’s job either, but if both work towards it, share it, divide the responsibility, there will be no space of inequality between them and each will feel content.


I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.


14 thoughts on “Is Laundry only a womans’ job?

  1. My husband thinks ‘Laundry’ is rocket science. Sometimes I just ask him to turn the washer on and sit back with my son and enjoy the comedy 🙂
    In translation, I do the laundry, at all times, my husband does not, and it is easier for us that way, I mean, I don’t mind it or want him to help. My son however helps and is interested in learning which button to press for what and loves helping with drying, folding and distributing into the closet.


    1. haha 😀

      You must be enjoying seeing him do the laundry sometimes! It is great to know that you enjoy your work and more happy to learn that your family helps you in the process 🙂

      I hope you have a nice day dear 🙂


  2. Oh, I think long time back I read a similar post from an Indian girl 😛 Both sides are responsible for this kinda mindset. I believe there is nothing for women and men, anybody can do any job. It’s just the couple need to talk to each other and respect each other and decide upon.
    Most of the men put aside all such work to a woman because, most of the women sometimes they treat their hubbies to such extend when they loose their self respect, I have seen , so as to keep their level to their best, men tend to over take the woman I believe. But if both are agreed and respect each other , they should share the work.

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      1. haha, that’s the problem wit indian society, they define what girls do and waht guys should do, they should change or atleast the younger generation, it’s mere sharing of the work, there is nothing called imperfect solution for this issue 🙂 just share your spouse work! simple solution.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Not only men, this where we miss it, women too should understand it, if men to some house works, it doesn’t mean they are not smart people because I myself feel, if I am so humorous or little funny, then they ( women at my home) feel like I always like that, though I am smart and brilliant 😛

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  3. Winters make this Laundry thing more difficult. Thanks to fully automatic washing machines….our true buddies 🙂
    Now a days, my husband happily share the job. I love his initiative however, small.


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