A new world

This post won the ‘India Today Conclave’15’ Contest – Top 30, hosted by Blogadda

A new world

What if the world be remade
with beautiful trees and animals,
chirping birds and fruits,
vast blue oceans and fishes?

And then be made humans
the most intelligent and humble
with the knowledge and enlightenment
to utilize the nature to the best.

To eat fruits, animals and fishes
to grow plants and vast fields
to travel places on animals or graze them
to praise the lord.

What if this time
humans be grateful to the lord
for surrounding him with beauty?

what if this time
humans be kind and compassionate
to the creatures who are of help to him?

what if this time
humans be humble and loving
towards other humans?

And they all
praise and obey their lord who
created them
and spread his word of beauty
like seeds of enlightenment everywhere.

What if humans respect each other
and build the world as one nation?
wouldn’t there be peace everywhere?
wouldn’t there be love everywhere?

What if the new world
be like this?
like a united kingdom
ruled by one deity
and his people and creatures
only obey and respect him.

What if no one fights?
what if no one kills?
what if there is only love?
what if there is only compassion?

A world witnessed in sheer imaginations
and eyes unseen
would be beneficial for
every being.

And there be taught
love among each other
and be thankful to the lord
for his beautiful land and water.

A place where the land
would never see sky scrapers
but houses near to the ground
with hearts and soul
down to earth.

Where every soul would
pray for each other’s betterment
and aspire to achieve
the gift god will give them
for being so nice and perfect on earth.

A place above the skies
where underneath gardens, rivers flow
and where every wish is fulfilled before
raising hands in front of the giver.
Wouldn’t the world, the earth
be a place
where every soul would find peace.

I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15

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