#Stress-free mom with Aromatheraphy Oil hair massage!

This post won the Parachute’s ‘#StressFreeMom Campaign’ – Top 30 hosted by Blogadda

I know you are no less
than a superwoman
disguised in a fair and beautiful individual.

throughout my childhood,
I could not identify the worries you buried
under your sparkling and comforting smiles.

despite being young and despite all those fears
you lived, when nurturing me, I deciphered
sheer confidence through your words.

during my growing years,
yours prayers for my well-being and betterment
were unheard, ever by me.

for me, you are someone whom I can rely on, always,
you were someone who was there for me, always
your words only built my strength and confidence, to face the world.

now that you see me,
a grown individual graced with responsibility, gratitude and compassion,
I can see a reflection of all your struggles
into making me who I am today,
within your tired eyes.

Now, mother,
I recognize your presence, your words,
in every aspect of my life,
which makes me more successful and content.

Now mother,
I can identify how you struggled
to evolve me into a beautiful and strong person,
just like you.

Now mother,
I understand that,
with every appreciation that comes to me,
they belong completely to you, more than me.

Now mother,
do I feel, how many a moons you survived
to grow me well, and how many stumbles
you prevented from my path.

Now mother,
do I realize the beautiful soul you are
within that wrinkled body
which can only be brailled to decipher the undying love of a mother.

Today mother,
let me be at your comfort,
let me make you at ease,
let me… de-stress you from the long battle you won sometime back!

Today mother,
let me give you a warm and soothing Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil hair massage
which will wither all your worries,
and make you live a few comforting moments.

And mother,
I wish to see your hidden, genuine smiles
which were hidden since a long time.
And how I wish,
I could comfort you during your fears,
the way you did, when I was young.

And mother,
now you can move ahead to enjoy a life which belongs to you,
leaving behind a life was labelled to be ours,
as now, it’s my turn to be at your service and support you!

Yes mother,
I want you to smile, to be stress-free
and I want you to live every wish you own,
which you once, sacrificed for me.

I’m blogging about why my mother needs to de-stress with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil massage for the #StressFreeMom activity at BlogAdda.

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