9 reasons to shop the Myntra way!

Style never speaks, but everyone listens
style is best when you flaunt it right,
define your style with Myntra, because #ItsPersonal

Shopping has evolved from being a shop-driven entity to a virtual entity, because now,  #ItsPersonal! Gone are the times when we were to shop, while drenched in sweat, during summers, experience those moments of nearby stampede during huge sale or visit the shop every time you needed to exchange  or return products.

With Mobile Technology reigning over all the world, providing convenience and mobility to its users, Shopping the App way has turned to be successful in providing its customers with the best of services. In fact, it has its many advantages- shopping flexibility in terms of time, place and convenience, being a few.

Myntra.com has recently gone completely mobile, with the launch of a mobile app meant for fashion and lifestyle shopping.

“Fashion changes, but style endures.”
― Coco Chanel

Why Myntra?

1. A well-formatted Design and UI

Courtesy: Myntra
Courtesy: Myntra

In order for an app to be satisfying to its customers, it need to be easy to understand and use, simple and allows one to search or browse products from one place. This way, the learning curve for a customer is reduced and he can spend less time in learning the functions and indulge more in shopping. I personally felt that the application has a pleasing interface teamed with the spirit of shopping, due to its appealing and inviting wallpapers, text and functions. It is perfectly designed to give its customers a better shopping experience.

2. The Social Touch

Courtesy: Myntra

The Application has a social login option (GMail & FaceBook) for users with the respective accounts, eliminating the time required in creating a new account. But, there is also an option for users who wish to register with the Myntra App. Also, every user is allotted a personal profile, thus providing them their space in the large directory of other shoppers and they can manage their likes, wishlists, orders, coupons, cashbacks and loyalty points or like or add products to their collection.

3. Detailed Product Selection

With Myntra, we get the best experience of choosing a product. If suppose, I am searching for a kurti, I get the option of getting a more detailed information about it through the ‘i icon’ feature. Other than that, we are provided with the size options, style note, product details, material & care and similar products from the same brand.

4. Those inspiring words!

I love quotes because they inspire. When you are in Myntra app, you will never be alone. Inspiring words are there for you. I personally loved some amazing quotes and words by renowned writers and artists on fashion, clothing and lifestyle. They only better my stay while shopping.

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
― Coco Chanel

5. Brands, Brands and Brands!

Courtesy: Myntra

Myntra is a one stop shop for all your fashion and lifestyle needs and enables a hassle free and enjoyable shopping. It is home to more than 500 leading Indian and international brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Catwalk, Inc 5, United colors of Benetton, FCUK, Timberland, Avirate,
Fabindia, Biba, Roadster, Sher Singh, Dressbery, Kook N Keech. A customer hence gets the best in the world right at his fingertips. Products at Myntra are 100% authentic.

6. Amazing Offers & Discounts

Courtesy: Myntra
Courtesy: Myntra

Who doesn’t like offers? We all crave for that extra discount on large amount of shopping, isn’t it? Well, Myntra, does take care of it! Apart from Daily offers, ranging from 40%-50% off on various brands, they also provide cashbacks on purchase from credit or debit cards.

7. Cash on Delivery, Easy returns & Customer Support

Photo Courtesy: Myntra
Photo Courtesy: Myntra

Isn’t it wonderful that we get the privilege of paying for a product when it reaches home? Well, Myntra provides that option. Sometimes, I may be low on cash and despite paying from my account, I may out stand a few bucks. No worries! With the Cash on Delivery option, I can pay the remaining amount or an entire amount on the arrival of my product, at home. It also has the option of 30 day return policy in case we don’t like the product and a 24X7 customer support and provides a well-defined security!

 8. The art of looking good

We all remember how the salesgirl or salesman tries to find us the perfect product at the shop, according to our needs. They even say, “Madamji, ye aap par bahot pyara lag raha hai“! In the app, we can relive that experience with the Look Good feature. It covers topics like fashion & style, quizzes, glamour, beauty and grooming, entertainment and videos for both, men and women, where one can get a lot of fashion-related information and keep themselves updated with the latest trends and styles. There is also a subscribe option, where we can receive daily updates directly into our mailbox.

9. Premium Shop Feature

Is it your big day today? Want to flaunt your style with the best designer wears? Well, don’t waste time. Just switch into Myntra and utilize the Premium Shop feature, where one has the best and leading brands to choose from, along with brand of the week options, new arrivals, trending products. There is another option called Designer with sub options like designer of the week, new and noteworthy and trending. Hence, with Myntra, you can indeed get the best and the branded!

Myntra holds every inch of the essence of traditional shopping
in fact, it excels the notion of giving personalized experience
because they understand, #ItsPersonal

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