18 reasons to #CelebrateLife in the moment! :)

Why do you seek, O man
an undying emotion called bliss
in the world
when it lies within you?

– Amreen Bashir Shaikh

Isn’t it true that happiness is self expression? And that it breathes within us? But we fail to realize this, thus making our lives, complicated and stressed. Happiness is not an expensive thing to desire and it does not need reasons to celebrate, because it is present everywhere, we only need to accept it!

I choose happiness
to celebrate life
and rejoice in the small pleasures
of life.

– Amreen Bashir Shaikh

Celebrating a mirthful life doesn’t need big reasons and if you own any of the below, you are indeed a happy person- inside out and you have that reason to #CelebrateLife in the moment!


1. Family!

It is a blessing to have a family. There are many out there who crave for mother’s love, father’s care, siblings’ fun and relatives to visit. We are blessed to share our life and our tantrums with considerate people who are always there for us, through our thick and thin.


2. Good Friends

Our extended family- our friends, whom we mostly address as our soul sisters and brothers, are the ones with whom we can talk endlessly the entire day, share them our deepest of secrets and they are always there for our rescue, no matter what.


3. Blissful Home

Under this huge and infinite sky, it is a bliss to have a shelter, a place, which we can call our own! A home where we can be ourselves, stay protected, sit, relax, watch the television endlessly, study, do house chores and foster a healthy life is definitely a thing of happiness.


4. Old photo albums

Whatever our mood, old picture albums can only add to our spirit’s elation. Watching our old pictures and realizing the million sorrows we have conquered throughout, and the way we have evolved now, despite the endless hardships, can only brighten our face with a smile and bring us happiness.


5. A good health

Imagine a dependent life or a physically or mentally restricted one? Worse! isn’t it? A good and healthy body is precious than any wealth one can acquire! It is indeed a matter of happiness to realize that we live a safe and sound life, isn’t it?


6. Random acts of kindness

Helped mom with her chores? Or solved that tough algebra sum for the younger brother? Or may be helped dad clean his cluttered office desk at home? Or made a stranger smile? Well, do it! Random acts of kindness are blissful and spending our time in being kind and helpful will ultimately make us happy and make us #CelebrateLife!


7. Good books & coffee

It is truly said that books are a man’s best friend! Books build our imagination and makes us live its words. And a good book gets merrier when read over a cup of coffee! Ah! Blissful indeed!

Mirthful butterflies of happiness
perch on flowers without expectations
– Amreen Shaikh


8. Spending time with the aged

Isn’t it a blessing to have grandparents? Isn’t it beautiful and amazing to sleep on your granny’s lap, while she caresses your hairs and makes you feel at home? Feel their wrinkled skin and it could only decipher love. Spending time with our grandparents will not only bring us wisdom, but also a many warm smiles of happiness and tranquil.


9. Nature

Nature mesmerizes, replenishes and rejuvenates our soul. Spending some time with nature and indulging in its beauty and captivity is enough to build an emotion which speaks out a subtle and calm celebration of the soul and mind.


10. Freedom

To realize our independence and to live it is not less equivalent to celebrating life every moment. The liberty to be what we wish to be is the best emotion in the world.


11. Travel

Travelling and discovering new places, learning and adapting new cultures and languages has an unnamed joy of its own. I personally enjoy to travel different places, thus inviting my soul to celebrate life differently and wonderfully.


12. Love

To love and to be loved is the most beautiful expression and only brims us with an untitled celebration for life!


13. Sharing 

It is said that happiness can never decrease if your share it! When you share and spread the aroma of happiness with people around, you will be gifted with a million moments of celebration in return.


14. A good job

A favourable workplace, good peers and a dream job is just perfect and to have these is no less than pure celebration at workplace!


15. Smile

Smiles are beautiful! Smiles are contagious! It is said that a smile can bring us hope, happiness and belief. A true smile is one which reflects through our eyes. It possesses an emotion which wipes away any traces of sadness in us and brims us with joy. To smile is to live a celebration!


16. Count your blessings

Celebrate life with the blessings we own and the best things, life has given us and we will never be disappointed ever!

positive life

17. A positive attitude

I always believe that when we own a positive attitude, every moment of our life is dipped in happiness. When we acknowledge the beauty in every aspect of life- good or bad, NO ONE, can stop us from being happy and #CelebrateLife in the moment. Nothing is permanent in life-  such an uplifting quote and whenever I feel low, this quote is suffice to make me glee and turn towards merriment.


18. The best days of our life are yet to come!

Isn’t this the most best thing to happen? When I realize that the best days of my life are yet to come, I can never contain that untitled bliss which encompasses me! Trust me, isn’t this thought actually enough to gift us immense happiness and become a vital reason to celebrate?

There is no key to happiness
for it is an expression- free and available to everyone.
– Amreen Shaikh

On this blissful note, I would like to share a short video featuring some of the best quotes and images which will boost your mood and make you celebrate the moment! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “18 reasons to #CelebrateLife in the moment! :)

  1. Superb collection! The best was old photo albums, not many would think to include it in this list. If you didn’t know before, do check tumbhi.com. There’s an ongoing poetry competition that might interest you.


    1. Thank you Nandhini for this beautiful comment! I’m glad that you liked my work here! Photo albums are beautiful and I love watching them, they are inspirational! Thanks for the link, I didn’t knew about it! I’ll give it a try! 🙂


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