Adopt a Greener Lifestyle, for #EarthIsCalling

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The silent whispers of destruction,
creeps its filthy shadows
within the sheer tranquil of nature.
And with a hopeful heart
to be protected and rescued,

– Amreen Shaikh

Isn’t it true that with the growth in technology and modernization, the natural life which spreads across the world is deteriorating? People are immensely busy in their lives and are slowly burying the thought of their responsibility towards a greener planet.

why is a balanced eco-stystem necessary for us?

Why are Rainforests important?

  • They help stabilize the world’s climate through the absorption of carbon dioxide. When trees are cut down or burned, the gas is then released back to the atmosphere.
  • They help maintain the water cycle, as well as protecting food, they prohibit droughts and help curtail soil erosion.
  • Moisture generated by Rainforests travels around every part of the world.
Did you know?

Why are they disappearing?

  • Agriculture of small and large farms
  • Pulp for making paper
  • Road construction
  • Extraction of minerals and energy
  • The making of fires
  • Grazing land for cattle

So what can we do?

Being green doesn’t require spending lots of money on fancy gadgets. an environmentally-responsible home not only saves us money, but saves the earth too! Small things do make a big difference. Even if we do a few of the below, we’re one step closer to living on a greener planet!


17 ways our home could save the earth

Living Room
Replace Bulbs: We can save 66% more energy by replacing incandescent light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL).
Open the Blinds: 10% of energy can be saved on heating when we open the blinds during the day to let the sunlight in.
Bamboo is better: It is the fastest growing plant on earth. This quick rate of replenishment means it’s more environmentally friendly than timber tress to use as hardwood flooring.
Compost kitchen scraps: Separating and composting kitchen scraps not only reduces the amount of household waste in landfill, but also eases the costs associated with rubbish collection.
Use a microwave: 50% less energy is used by a microwave oven than a conventional oven.
Shady Fridges: Having our refrigerator in the sunlight will force it to work harder to keep cool.
Repurpose: We can reuse and repurpose old furniture instead of buying brand new. If we have a choice between wool and polyester, opt for wool as it’s more eco-friendly to produce.
Energy-efficient windows: They will keep us cool during summers and warm in winters due to proper insulation.
Turn it off: We must turn the tap off while brushing.
Installing a low-flow toilet: Flushing toilets account for 30% of total indoor water use and we must switch to buying recycled toilet paper. A leaking toilet must be fixed immediately as it can waste 757 litres every day.
Shave smart: Men can use a cup of warm water to rinse their razors rather than using the tap.
Get a spider plant: Having a spider plant in the bathroom will help purify the air.
Shower bath: Taking a shower can use as little as 14% of water used during bath.
Hang dry: 2-3 kg of carbon emissions is produced for every hour a dryer is used. We must hang-dry instead.
Compost organic matter: Composting organic waste can reduce the need for water, fertilizers and pesticides.
Use home-made pesticides: Chopped tomato leaf spray or garlic oil spray are just few recipes to keep bugs away!


How can kids help?


9 easy ways to use less plastic


Plastic is one of the most prominent pollutants of our earth and ocean.

  • Drink out of glasses.
  • Use a stainless water bottle and stop buying bottled water.
  • Keep a real wood or metal spoon and fork in our bag, in the car and at our desk.
  • Purchase wooden toys.
  • Use only real metal or bio-degradable plates.
  • Save glass jars and use them instead of Tupperware.
  • Bring cloth bags to the grocery store.
  • Compost, so we can use fewer garbage bags.
  • Buy grocery items packed in glass instead of plastic when possible.


What can we do for Ocean conservation?

  • Be considerate of marine life
  • Keep beaches and waterways clean
  • Get involved
  • Spread the word about the need for Ocean Conservation


adopt a greener lifestyle with some simple steps!

Infancy (Age: 0-18 months)
Cloth Diapers + reusable wipes ($336) Diapers + wipe packs ($1,599)
Entertainment through teething necklace, sets of “keys”, wooden block and BPC free pacifier ($34) Entertainment through teether, rattle, wooden blocks and pacifiers ($69)
Total Cost for Green infancy = $370 Total Cost for Typical infancy = $1668
Childhood (Age: 3-18)
Transportation to school: walk or cycle (FREE) Transportation to school: Drive in a mini van ($9,224 gas for 12 years of school)
Cost of playing outside: going to public park or playground (FREE) Cost of watching TV ($1,421 bill for 15 years)
Total Cost for Green childhood = FREE Total Cost for Typical childhood = $10,645
College Kid (Age: 18-22)
Living in a Co-op for 4 years ($20,226) Living in a Public U-dorm for 4 years($36,000)
Cost of transportation: Walk, cycle or take a bus (FREE) Cost of transportation: Car with price of gas ($9,500)
Total Cost for Green College Kid = $20,226 Total Cost for Typical childhood = $45,500
Responsible Family (Age: 25-45)
Grow your own food (FREE) Buy food from grocery($193)
Own house with solar panel ($14,500) – [With the use of Solar Panel, the carbon footprints in non-existent] Own house ($15,600) – [Electricity in house releases 27,257 pounds of carbon dioxide per year]
Total Cost for a Green responsible family = $14,500 Total Cost for a Typical responsible family = $15,793

Let us adopt a greener approach to life
take a small step and make a change
which can bring a big difference
in protecting and conserving the earth
Let us voice for #GreenYatra

– Amreen Shaikh

Want to join the revolution? Visit here & get inspired with the below video!

Author Note: The Tabular data is typed manually and formatted through HTML coding by the writer herself!


11 thoughts on “Adopt a Greener Lifestyle, for #EarthIsCalling

  1. It is amazing how you used the images and facts in this post – it feels so refreshing to read, and I am sure that this will surely make people feel the need to save environment more! 🙂


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