7 ways to style your leggings!

While many team it with a short top, there are people who love to experiment and create their own style. What one must take care of is how to wear it and what to wear with it. Many are comfortable in showing off their butt, while many seek to wear it in different styles. Try Oleva Leggings, which are apt to style yourself. Whatever may be your style, let me share with you 7 different ways in which leggings bring out the style in us, while keeping the comfort zone intact.

7 ways to style the tricky staple-

1. Plenty of layers


One can team up a leather leggings with lots of layers on the top or may be a patterned sweater on over a monochrome button-up, then putting on a utility jacket or oversized blazer. This look will also work with plain black lycra legging.

2. A basic button down


One of the best way to style up a legging is to wear it with a slightly oversized solid button-down. While trying this, one must stick to a darker shade legging and contrasting it with a blouse in white, pastel pink or other light tone. Complete the look with an oversized blazer to make it look ultra classy.

3. A big chambray logo


Another fitting choice to pair with your leggings would be a loose-fitting chambray top and the key here is length. A too short top would look odd and the suitable length would be a mid-thigh top. One must remember that leggings are not pants and we can’t pair it up with tops which we ideally wear over our favourite fitting jeans.

4. Motorcycle boots


One of the most hardest things about wearing a legging is figuring out what to put on our feet. No platform sandals, no wedges, no stilettos. Leggings look best with a pair of moto boots.

5. A statement boot


Apparently, the best way to dress up a pair of leggings, for Fashion Week or a dinner party, would be wear it with a pair of statement boots. It can be a fierce one, such as with cow-print booties, or a subtle one, like, a chunky ankle or a knee-high boot with a thick high heel would be perfect!

6. An over-sized coat


Leggings look perfectly right with an over-sized coat, which gives it a style statement. If you don’t prefer fur, try a big pea coat. It is a most suitable wear during winters.

7. A long T-shirt or mini dress


Look chic by wearing a generic tunic or an extra-long T-shirt or mini dress, in a vivid pattern, completed with ankle boots.

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