#EkNayiLeague to achieve big!

Revolutionary ideas and thoughts are motivating! Mr. Kapil Dev, who has been an honor to the country with his excellence in sports and cricket, recently started to propagate an idea of #EkNayiLeague through Social channels. With this thought, he plans to let everyone provide their insight and notion about what could the message of #EkNayiLeague could be. According to him, it does not involve the power of doing things with the heart, but a different dimension of optimism which can revolutionize the winning spirit in individuals and make them successful, famous and independent!

So, he asks us what the #EkNayiLeague could be?

Well, according to me, #EkNayiLeague is a revolutionary thought of dreaming big and trying to fulfill it. Nothing is impossible for humans and if we can own the power to dream big, despite the obstacles that we may encounter and have the spirit and courage to overcome them, we can definitely achieve anything.

He shares more about this thought with a few examples. We are all aware about Yuvraj Singh, the winning cricketer who, despite being diagnosed with cancer in the past, had the will to overcome the illness and it did not deter him from returning back to cricket and playing exceedingly well, thus making him one of the highest paid cricketer in the IPL (Indian Premier League). This shows how Yuvraj didn’t let his illness hinder his big dreams from coming alive and we all can see how successful is he today!

Further, he talks about Kapil Sharma, the comedian, who was just another comedian to feature in various comedy shows and was not a very famous one, until he dreamed big of coming ahead and designing his own show, The Kapil Show, where, he not only won many hearts through his humor, but also showcased his singing skills. Through the show, he has grown and evolved from being an infamous to a famous and well-known comedian. The notion which made him bring this moment alive was indeed to dream big and fulfill it.

He also speaks about Sania Mirza, who is a world-known tennis player and in fact, the no. 1 tennis player in women’s doubles. She has not only represented India, but also made us proud. She clearly is an example of women power, independence and is an epitome of excellence for the Indian women. With her undying spirits, she spreads the message for other Indian women that we can achieve anything and be independent, liberal and self-sufficient if we believe in our dreams. She dreamed big and fulfilled it.

I feel that the #EkNayiLeague campaign, which Mr. Kapil Dev talks about may be about dreaming big, overcoming any hurdles that may come and conquer them, in order to achieve success. I feel that if we dream big and own that spirit to achieve what we aim for, we can definitely attain any level of success. I support Mr. Kapil Dev in his endeavor and wish to be a part of it, so I too could achieve my ambitions.

I also feel that Mr. Kapil wishes to convey that we need to use our brains and intellect to achieve what we aim for!

Dream big, think big and achieve big!

9 thoughts on “#EkNayiLeague to achieve big!

  1. Great post! There’s a subtle inspiring factor within your words. I admire it.

    Couldn’t find a single clue about this until our IBians who attended the launch meet updated in the forum. Nicely kept suspense 🙂


      1. I thought about it, but didn’t really want to guess too much, and finally decided to write the Indispire post as it was the final day for that too 🙂


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