‘Small deeds give large rewards of content ‘ by Prateek Kohli

Welcoming and presenting Mr. Prateek Kohli, a final year student in IIT, Kharagpur, who have authored today’s #100DeedsOfChange article and shares his experiences of how small deeds can leave us with a long-lasting content. Before we could read his contribution, let us know him better.



prateek imageMr. Prateek Kohli is a final year student in IIT, Kharagpur.
He blogs on Life in Quantums about various life situations.
One can follow him on The Uncertainty Principle



Small Deeds give large rewards of content

                                                                                                                                                  – Prateek Kohli

It was a pleasant evening at Kharagpur (West Bengal) when I, along with two other friends went over a bridge just outside our college campus to click some exquisite photographs with the hovering clouds and the vast expense of green that surrounds the campus.

However, in a matter of few minutes, it started raining cats and dogs and we had to take shelter under the stairs of the bridge. Little did we know that it was a storm that had hit the Eastern coast of India and the rain and strong winds didn’t stop for the next couple of hours.
Finally, drenched with water, when we were walking back to our hostels, we saw some of the oldest trees of our college uprooted and lying menacingly on road. Suddenly something “insane” happened. Two policemen went past us to a fallen tree and showcased utmost strength and will and moved it aside from the middle of the road. I managed to overhear one of them when he said, “God knows when the Horticulture people will arrive. Too bad that the road would be blocked till then”. Without giving a second thought, they went on further and kept clearing the road without caring about the fact that they are neither bound to nor have the instruments to do it.
We were moved by this sight and volunteered to help them. This continued till the whole road was clear and my blue jeans were brown by the mud 😀
It has been 2 months since this incident happened and I make it a point to keep an eye for the stones on roads and jogging tracks, and never miss a chance to help anyone on road. Because we all are in a hurry so its the duty of all of us to make sure we reach the destination quickly and safely.


The #The100DeedsOfChangeDrive is a Special Column with the vision of making small changes in our lives, which can help others.

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