My optimistic moment!

In life, there are innumerable moments of despair and when it seems difficult for us to come out of it, someone or something influences or gives us that hand of optimism to walk towards hope and get positive. For me, there have been many such beautiful moments of encouragement and optimism as well, but there is one such moment or incident in my life which is close to my heart and has always been a moment of cherish.

I remember when I was in high school and had scored good marks in my State boards. But, I was rather confused about deciding the perfect career path for myself. I had also attended a few career guidance lectures and given aptitude tests in a few career guidance institutes. The results varied in every examination, thus putting me in an endless dilemma about my future.

My friends had a clear vision about their future studies despite scoring average marks and I felt bad about the fact that I was standing nowhere despite my efforts and hard work. I hence, went into a depression phase and everything seemed uninteresting to me. I even stopped writing poetry, then as I had no words or thoughts to capture in verses.

My family saw my state and earlier thought of letting me be. But later, when they thought that I was unable to handle my responsibility and failed to develop a conclusion for my future studies, they decided to take charge of the situation and came into the picture. My parents have always been liberal when it comes to education and I thank God for making them like that.

One evening, my parents took me out for a walk. We went to a local park. The atmosphere was calm and pleasant. After a few rounds, we sat on a bench and they asked me about my decision. I was almost in tears. But they pacified me and told that they are proud to have a child like me and have always found peace in my decisions in life. They told me that they have always seen me as a strong and positive individual and my pessimistic attitude recently, surprised them.

I told them about my inability at deciding a career stream. I wanted to pursue English Literature, but since most of my siblings and family members had done Information Technology, my decision would create an inferiority complex for me in the family. My parents laughed at my thinking. They said that they were happy to know that I wanted to extend my knowledge in English and were sure that I would make a great career and respect out of it. They said that I should follow my heart always and never get disheartened by what others think, otherwise I would never prosper and succeed.

Their words impacted me positively and I gained confidence. I realized that my decision was of pride for my parents and if they support me and my decision, I need not worry about the world. Their words helped me gain an untitled freedom and a passion to learn what I love.

Today, I am a successful blogger, writer, poet and author and have above 200 poems to my credit. Many of my works are published in some great literary magazines and I have also published a poetry book last year. The best part is that I am happy and content. Also, the fact that my parents are amazingly proud of me makes me happy and their words have indeed turned into reality.

I realized how my parents #together helped me achieve hope and optimism!

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