3 ways of Being Healthy: #ApneTareekeSeHealthy

Who says being healthy is difficult? Everyone does! Well, according to me, the term “Healthy” is subjective and differs from person to person. Some associate it with a gym or yoga session in the morning, while for many its about being controlled eating habits. If you ask me about my go-to way of being healthy, I would say that it is not just about the … Continue reading 3 ways of Being Healthy: #ApneTareekeSeHealthy

Words & Wisdom- Being grateful!

Isn’t life one beautiful gift? I have always find solace and content in life when I have been grateful for what I have! We can’t always have everything we desire, but don’t we realize that life has gifted us with some of the best qualities, which no other possess? Have you been grateful for it? It isn’t late yet! Let us be grateful and thankful … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- Being grateful!

#WillOfSteel Stories

This post won the JSW’s ‘#WillOfSteel Campaign’ hosted by Blogadda   Stories are powerful, strong, confident, beautiful. Isn’t our lives a little story among the many stories which breathe in the world? But does our story reflect a message, like a seed of inspiration to germinate something, magnificent? Or do we always crib and degrade our lives for this materialistic world and forget to cherish its simple … Continue reading #WillOfSteel Stories

My optimistic moment!

In life, there are innumerable moments of despair and when it seems difficult for us to come out of it, someone or something influences or gives us that hand of optimism to walk towards hope and get positive. For me, there have been many such beautiful moments of encouragement and optimism as well, but there is one such moment or incident in my life which … Continue reading My optimistic moment!