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A handful of hope, optimism, stories and beauty.
A handful of hope, optimism, stories and beauty.

Stories are powerful, strong, confident, beautiful.
Isn’t our lives a little story
among the many stories which breathe in the world?

But does our story reflect a message,
like a seed of inspiration
to germinate something, magnificent?

Or do we always crib and degrade our lives
for this materialistic world and forget
to cherish its simple pleasures?

My palm has captured within itself
a handful of beautiful stories
each of it, giving out a purpose.

My words wishes to share
about ordinary people who own an extra-ordinary spirit,
their stories- a gift of goodness to the world, would you listen?

Narayan Ramakrishnan, RK as he is popularly called,
was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age.
Despite his stay at a rehabilitation centre,
his condition showed little improvement,
but his hopes were high and he knew his story is a special one.
Taking his misfortune as an opportunity, he learnt to paint.
He became a foot painter with his undying efforts and
is regarded among the best foot painters of the country.
Despite his dependence on others for living a normal life,
he is an independent artist and a fine painter,
a member of MFPA since 1990. RK is a handicap-
physically, not spiritually. He owns a will of steel!

Divyanshu Ganatra
India’s first solo pilot who flew a paraglider,
a clinical psychologist and corporate trainer by profession.
He owns a company called ‘Yellow Brick Road‘,
and also runs Adventures Beyond Barriers,
a non-profit initiative, that aims to promote adventure sports
for disabled and able bodied people.
Who is he? A man with so many achievements?
He is a blind pilot, who lost his vision at the age of 19,
but the wings of his dreams and aspirations were strong enough
than his fate, and he showed the world that physical disabilities
won’t ever cage you, if you own a will of steel, like him!

Born and brought up in a male-dominated society,
Geeta Phogat had visions and thoughts, otherwise.
She wanted to break the barriers imposed on women
and give them a hand of optimism by making them believe
that women has the power and will to be more than a man’s woman!
She proved it by shedding the pessimistic voices which draped her
with huge walls of seclusion and inferiority
and won a gold medal at the CWG,
thus transforming the outlook of people in her society
towards woman, giving them a respect they own.
She believed in her story of will of steel and conquered!

Kousalya Periasamy, from rural Tamil Nadu began her special story
in the backdrop of 1995, a time when it may be unacceptable
to talk about HIV, but she was brave enough
to openly admit about her being HIV AIDS positive!
The story isn’t this small,
she was courageous enough to fight for
the rights of other neglected HIV positive women
and since many years, through her organization-
she has united over 20,000 HIV ‘positive’ women across India
and provides them vocational training,
helps them gain employment and
fights legal battles for their rights!
She owns a positive will of steel to have a story this beautiful!

A doctor they say can be a life-saver,
when it’s Dr. Uday Modi, I believe it!
Through free meals, medication and time,
he has transformed the lives of the elderly
in his area.
The idea to start Shravan Tiffin Seva,
a free catering service for the elderly
with no support has now become a massive hit.
He plans to spread his service to more areas
and help as many senior citizens as possible.
Some neglect the wisdom of the elderly, while some,
like Dr. Uday wishes to strive for their elderly life
and make it beautiful through his will of steel.

These stories, brim my heart and soul,
with a will and hope,
that a story which God has bestowed on me
can be worthwhile and beautiful,
if I believe in my dreams and conquer them.

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