Different T-shirt styles!

It is always said that men look best in their jeans and T-shirt, so on that note, let’s get serious about our tees?

A garment which started off as an underwear, developed into a work wear and now is an apparent wardrobe essential, it would be difficult to find a man who has never owned a T-shirt! This 100 plus year old basic is the only piece of clothing, which can be worn for any occasion, from under a shirt, to a suit, to beach, gym or even to bed. Branded T-shirts always provide variety in colors, fabric, style and are trustworthy.

It is an essential commodity for our lifestyle and let’s upgrade our knowledge about the current collection-

A perfectly fitting t-shirt which enhances and highlights your body parts which you’re proud of and does not reveal or draws attention to areas you’re confused about! A T-shirt shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. One should wear something which makes them feel comfortable, a T-shirt, ideally shouldn’t end below the top of your hips and short sleeves shouldn’t cover more than half of your upper arm.

The foundations of any successful wardrobe are including T-shirts with timeless colors like white, gray, black and navy. These colors are mostly considered basic. White is the best color and goes with any skin tone and can be paired with classic indigo jeans. Gray is extremely flattering and helps in enhancing one’s body shape, one precaution being for people who sweat a lot, it will be more noticeable. Black can be used as a layering essential under a jacket or jumpsuit, during the colder months. Navy is great for creating tonal looks when combined with denim and blue tailoring.

Considering the neck type, V-necks basically elongate the neck, making it perfect for short gents to create the illusion of height or for larger men to create a slimming effect or for creating a balance to rounder or wider face types. A crew neck suits best if you’ve small chest or sloped shoulders. They basically draw the eye out, thus creating the illusion of squarer shoulders, helping you appear broader and more proportioned.

A majority of men tend to rely on thicker fabrics rather than light ones, as if quality is directly related to the weight of the garment. One can opt for fabrics which they are comfortable in. Cotton T-shirts are comfortable, light and makes one look thinner. It is advisable to check the fabric of the T-shirt before buying.

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