Effective heart treatment facilities in Pune

A healthy heart leads to a healthy soul. It is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, enriched with regular exercises and a nutritious diet, to achieve a healthy mind and soul, which in turn helps in maintaining a healthy heart. We all are aware that our heart is an integral part of our body system and its malfunction can make us sick, unhealthy and also it may give rise to various other chronic diseases and ailments. Hence, it is a necessity to develop a nourished soul for a healthy heart.

Cardiologists help better the lives of heart patients, with not only the medications they prescribe, but also with the consultation and hope they provide to their patients in maintaining a stress free life. It is advisable for the heart patients to follow the prescriptions given by their respective cardiologists and bring back their once derailed lifestyle on a seamless track.

For heart patients, I would like to list down a few best heart specialists in Pune, who are well versed in the field of Cardiology and Heart care-

Dr. Manohar Sakhare, Dr. M. N. Karandikar, Dr. Sunil Sathe, Dr. Ajit M. Yadav, Dr. Gopirao Neelkanth Karandikar, Dr. Abhijit Vidya, Dr. G. D. Bagade, Dr. Vinay Dharmadhikari, Dr. Abhijit Joshi, Dr. Manisha Dhobe, Dr. Rajaram Rav Patil, Dr. Vijay M. Nataranjan, Dr. Sanjeev Jadhav, Dr. Shireesh Sathe, Dr. Vishal Gawade, Dr. Archana Sathe, and many more.

Apart from best doctors in cardiology, I would like to list down a few best heart hospitals in Pune and hospitals offering cardiac surgery in Pune, along with their locations, which provide the heart patients with appropriate care and facility-

Vimal Superspeciality Clinic (Undri), Bharti Children & Cardio Diabetic Hospital (Saudagar), Chaitanya Hospital (Chinchwadgaon), Lifeline Hospital (Wagholi), Cardiac Care & Counselling Centre (Bhandarkar Road), Poona Preventive Cardiology Centre (Tavare Colony), The
Inamdar Heart Clinic (Aundh), Jeevanrekha Ayurved Chikitsalaya & Research Centre (Karve Nagar), Facilitas Healthcare (Hadapsar Industrial Estate), Satyanand Hospital (Kondwa), Family Care Clinic (Chinchwad), Joshi Multi-specialty Hospital (Dhayari), Orchid Speciality Clinic (Baner Gaon), Arogva Clinic (Prabhat Road), Chandorkar Cardiac care Clinic (Karadi), Global Heart Foundation (Sangamwadi), Marian Cardiac Centre & Research Foundation (Thakers House East Street Camp), Om Hospital (Bhosarigoan), Heart Clinic (J. N. Marg), and many more.

It is advisable for heart patients to consult their doctors periodically and adopt a healthy lifestyle, thus leading to a healthy heart, mind and soul.

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