Paint The World With Words is changing to!


I’m extremely happy to inform all of my readers, fellow bloggers and friends that Paint The World With Words is evolving! Yes, I realized that this blog is more than what I imagined. I believe that now, with the power of blogging, the message of this blog has eventually broadened and I believe, that I and we, must accept this change and go with it.


I hence believe to give this blog a new name- akatheversatile, which showcases the many facets I have, in actual, we all have. We can never be defined by one role. We are all evolving and versatile, we play many roles in our everyday lives and hence, we are all multi-talented. today, this blog which was started as a poetry blog has witnessed the many roles and characters, I played from time to time. From being a poet, to authoring my self-published poetry eBook- Thoughtfully Crafted Words, to being a keen web designer and giving this space, I call mine, a change, every now and then, to being a social influencer, a winner, a chef, an artist, a doodler, a tee designer, a cook, a tech writer, a medium towards social change, supporting brand campaigns, reviewing products….ah! The list is indeed endless.

Now, you get, why I opt for a change, because the blog and its title and identity must definitely reflect my true-ness, my versatility and hence, I wish to give this beautiful space, which shines over the words I painted here, a few years back, a small renovation, a new refreshment, a new light.


I hope to get support and encouragement from you all, just like how you’ve been all the while and let me shine, the way I should.

Keep reading through the posts, as I plan to be more active than before, and most of all, a little more versatile, so you can expect new and fresh ideas and thoughts, every now and then.

Do let me know what you think of the change and share your ideas and well-wishes too, I really need it! 🙂

Happy Reading!


Amreen Shaikh

6 thoughts on “Paint The World With Words is changing to!

  1. I am a firm believer of a thought that the name and designation does not matter but still i congratulate you on what you have done and achieved with PTWWW and i wish all the very best for what you are going to achieve with akatheversatile.

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