Wordless (#ItsStillOkay)

Wordless While I decide to emote my thoughts to the world, ideas overwhelm me- of beauty and hope, despair and sadness. I’m left with sheer void as words refrain to unbottle but to be speechless and wordless at times, is still okay! #ItsStillOkay Continue reading Wordless (#ItsStillOkay)

Words & Wisdom: Chronosynchronic

The word ‘Chronosynchronic‘ means ‘Presenting a person’s life in all the stages through a single piece of art‘. This word was given as a prompt to me for a writing challenge. Every member of the poetry club was assigned a different word. The idea was to write a poem on a large word and I somewhat got fascinated towards this word, because though the word … Continue reading Words & Wisdom: Chronosynchronic

Kids defining #MaxFreshMove!

This post won the Colgate’s ‘#MaxFreshMove Video’ Campaign hosted by Blogadda Freshness is a feeling to be shared- it is the soft ray of optimism which brings a subtle smile on our face. It is the mesmerizing beauty of the simple pleasures of life which brightens our soul with its sheer content. It is something which not only enlightens us, but also those whom it surrounds. Fresh … Continue reading Kids defining #MaxFreshMove!

The Liberal Words

On this beautiful occasion of the 69th celebration of an independent India, I have a few verses of appreciation and dedication to all those writers and poets who own the liberty of expressing their words in a special way! Please comment your thoughts in the Comment Section and give your views on the poem, if any! Thank you! The Liberal Words         … Continue reading The Liberal Words