The Liberal Words

On this beautiful occasion of the 69th celebration of an independent India, I have a few verses of appreciation and dedication to all those writers and poets who own the liberty of expressing their words in a special way! Please comment your thoughts in the Comment Section and give your views on the poem, if any! Thank you!
The Liberal Words
                                   — Amreen B. Shaikh
Isn’t freedom the bird
who wants to be set free?
But isn’t true freedom
to be created in
whatever state you may be?
Freedom is not to have it all
or to struggle to be like others,
but to search for the beauty
your soul needs; within the
crevices of your own potential.
For me, Freedom is to be
a poet, a writer, an expression,
the one who conspires with words
and creates magic within each of
its syllables and breathe them alive.

It may be perceived by many
that Poetry is a mere hobby
or a thing of leisure,
and that what could an artist
survive with meager pennies of appreciation?

But, mind you, the beauty in expressing
yourself, your thoughts, is an ecstatic act
and a blissful honor, outshining any
tangible rewards, for true content
can never be seen.

Who would believe that poetry
can be so vivid, so variant
and immensely pleasing
for it is the medium for the poet
to explore their many facets.

Poetry is a friend,
which etches itself with my vent,
and shoulders me with its caring melody.

Poetry is an art,
where every stroke of metaphor and words
paints a charming imagery for the eyes to behold.

Poetry is a story,
which unravels thrill and enigma
with every read.

Poetry is a cup of coffee,
whose words linger in the mind
for long.

Poetry is an emotion,
which connects many
within its thread of love.

Poetry is the freshness of a haiku
the melody of a sonnet
the wisdom of a tanka
the haywire free verse
the gloom of a ghazel
for me.

Poetry is an inspiring thought,
which illuminates many a dark souls.

Poetry is an array of revolution.

So, do not belittle the grandeur of
a magnificent art
and do not recognize poets
as disregarded entities.

Because, within us
is an ocean of thoughts and ideas
which can captivate and enlighten
the borders of pessimism,
the tainted memories of hope
and the caged thoughts waiting for a rescue.

Because, freedom lies in creating happiness
and poetry is nothing, but its perfect reflection.

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