5 Quotes to describe my #TalesOf2015!

This post won the first place in #TalesOf2015 in association with Blogadda. — Do more than just exist 2015 was indeed my year to do what I could than just exist. After a painful and full-of-experience 2014, 2015 was my year to rise and shine. I had severe health issues and after slowly recovering from it, a new year was something I was badly looking … Continue reading 5 Quotes to describe my #TalesOf2015!

Words & Wisdom: Chronosynchronic

The word ‘Chronosynchronic‘ means ‘Presenting a person’s life in all the stages through a single piece of art‘. This word was given as a prompt to me for a writing challenge. Every member of the poetry club was assigned a different word. The idea was to write a poem on a large word and I somewhat got fascinated towards this word, because though the word … Continue reading Words & Wisdom: Chronosynchronic